5 Types of Modern Stair Rails

Modern stair rails - frosted glassOne of the easiest ways to tell if you’re standing in an upscale home is by looking at the stair rails. Exceptional homes gravitate towards staircases that let you know that someone has put some thought and effort to create a wow effect.

Too often, homeowners don’t give stair rails the just attention that they deserve because they don’t realize the added value that modern stair rails have in a home.

Stair rails tend to be the central piece of sorts in a home, so before you commit to any old stair rails, consider the following these modern stair rails for your home décor.
Modern stair rails - horizontal steel

1- Horizontal steel

Depending on the kind of look you are trying to achieve, the steel look works well in modern and more minimalist homes.

Placed at a horizontal angle, steel modern stair rails give a more professional-looking appearance although they can easily blend well with modern-looking homes.

In order to ensure a uniform look, try to use a hand rail that is slightly thinner than the norm and keep the color consistent with the color of the metal (dark metal, dark wood).

Modern stair rails - glass

2- Glass

Glass stairs are a phenomenal addition to any staircase, as they showcase the stairs in a beautiful way and also don’t block any view of space, making the home seem larger and more spacious.

Of course, if you have small children or, say, children who tend to get wild upon consuming sugar or the like, you might want to reconsider investing in glass modern stair rails, as it may be quite dangerous.

3- Frosted glass

Ah, yes, frosted glass, one of the most beautiful types of glass on the market today. Available in plain frost and creative designs, frosted glass works well in homes that have a lot of natural light.

Frosted glass stair rails help to create an air of sophistication in a home although most readers agree that frosted glass should be relegated to shower doors and nothing else in the home.

Modern stair rails - iron

4- Traditional iron

There is something to be said for iron stair rails, as they have been the traditionally chosen type for many, many years. And considering the options that go with iron stair rails, it’s no wonder they are always a popular choice.

While vertical iron bars are the usual go-to when it comes to iron stair rails, some homeowners go that extra step and opt for stair rails that have a flowing design that works well as a conversation starter and truly impresses homebuyers.

Modern stair rails - wood

5- Wood

Perhaps the idea of wood stair railings conjures up images of country living and the like, but nowadays, wood stair rails come with a modern twist and can give even the most modern home a run for its money.

From different stains to different types of wood, today’s wooden stair rails boast a modern twist while still maintaining a somewhat traditional feel.

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