4 Home Staging Mistakes To Avoid

Home staging mistakes to avoid

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You are selling your home and you plan on staging your home your home yourself in preparation for the pictures and open house visits that come with. That’s great. Unfortunately, there’s a good chance that there are some serious home staging mistakes you’re making and need to rectify beforehand.

That said, make sure you avoid these home staging mistakes and show your home at its best today.

Home staging mistakes #1

Fake plants

While real plants that are about to die are pretty bad, there is nothing that gives off an air of frugality quite like fake plants in the home. Truth be told, you are better off having no plants at all in your home rather than fake ones.

Instead, add fresh flowers to your home in a minimalist-looking glass vase or invest in a real plant that requires minimal care. Greenery adds a splash of color and a lot of life to a home.

Home staging mistakes #2

The mess

It is possible that I have talked about decluttering so much that it has become nauseating to many of you, but it will never get old because it is a well-known tactic that works when it comes to selling a home. A dirty, cluttered home makes people feel stressed out and that is not a feeling you want to stir when trying to sell your home for top dollar.

Put everything away neatly and, yes, that includes your storage space. If you just shove everything in there and a prospective buyer decides to open a closet, that will make for an awkward situation. Keep it clean – all of it.

Home staging mistakes #3

Pet stuff

Sure, your pets are loveable and awesome and cuddly and did I mention awesome? Perhaps they even carry your last name because they are that much a part of your family, but at the end of the day, not everyone feels that way about pets, so leaving all their bowls, toys and other paraphernalia lying around may not bode well for your sale.

When it comes time to show your home or take pictures of it, clear the home of any pets and pet gear and for the love of all things pleasant, keep their odors to a minimum.

Home staging mistakes #4

The appliances

If you are selling your appliances with the home, guess what? They need to be spic and span. You need to clean out that oven and make it look like you never cooked a meal in it and you need to organize your fridge so it looks like you just bought it yesterday.
It the appliances come with the home, you need to ensure that they are sellable.

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