4 Modern Kitchen Backsplashes

Kitchen backsplashes in glassKitchens are not just a place to prepare meals; they can be transformed into impressive examples of modern décor with a simple addition – kitchen backsplashes.

Kitchen backsplashes are not just functional but are also a great way to show off your sophisticated taste in interior design. Kitchen backsplashes can be made of many materials like stainless steel or ceramic, but the most popular choice continues to be glass. Here are some exciting ideas for glass kitchen backsplashes.

1- Laminated glass & metallic finish

Laminated glass backsplashes in bold colours are indispensable parts of contemporary kitchen design, as they add color and character to the room. Opt for a bright cherry red surface or a soothing green to make your kitchen a fitting place to cook up delicious meals.

For a more minimalist approach to modern kitchen design, you can opt for toughened glass backsplashes that are tinted with a metallic matte finish. Glass kitchen backsplashes in aluminium or steel finishes look elegant and contemporary. They also mesh well with steel utensils and kitchen appliances.

2- Glass mosaic & slumped textures

Glass mosaics are glossy, elegant and very pleasing to the eyes. You can use a variety of colourful glass mosaic tiles to create a spectral and abstract backsplash. If block colours are too simple for you, glass mosaics are the perfect choice. You can opt from a great range of patterns and designs in many colour schemes.

Slumped glass backsplashes offer something regular backsplashes don’t – texture. Their rustic look adds a unique character to your kitchen counter. If you love textures and rippled surfaces, slumped glass backsplashes in earthy colours are your best bet.

Kitchen backsplashes for the home3- Backsplashes with wallpapers & mood lighting

To give your kitchen an original feel, you can add subtle neon lighting over your glass backsplashes. Cleverly called splashlites, this combination is sure to make your kitchen look like a party hub. Lights for kitchen backsplashes are available in many colours, allowing you to experiment with the ambiance.

You can also add colourful wallpaper in combination with glass backsplashes to create a classic and customized look. You can choose from the widest range of wallpapers to find the one that matches your sensibilities and your kitchen perfectly.

4- Coloured blocks & glass bricks

Glass bricks and blocks are making a huge comeback in kitchen backsplashes, as they offer a unique flair to any room. You can place a wall of glass bricks over your kitchen counter and allow light to reflect into the room. Just like glass backsplashes, coloured glass bricks are low on maintenance and high on style.

As glass blocks are generally assembled in bricks, you can choose a variety of colours to make your kitchen appear livelier.

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  1. Markham Painters says:

    Just a quick note to tell you that your post made my day – have been looking for this type of info. Cheers!

  2. Kevin R. says:

    All of these backsplashes are amazing. Thanks for sharing. Glass must also be much easier to clean than ceramic.

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