4 Home Decor Trends for 2013

Home decor trendsLet’s face it; there aren’t many of us out there who cave in to the annual home décor trends due to lack of time, budget and sheer patience. So when it comes to home décor trends, it’s less about what’s in for the next 365 days and more about what home decor trends will maintain their practicality and longevity.

Home decor trends 2013 #1

Saturated neutrals with splashes of bold colours

While earth tones, khaki, taupe, camel and sandstone will always be mainstays, nowadays, homebuyers are looking for homes with a touch of “wow” appeal, and an economical way to produce such an effect is with bold colours that exude tons of personality.

Browns that have more red and yellow undertones add a touch of comfort to a room; reds are timeless, and darker reds will be prevalent, especially in kitchens; for those with more sophisticated palates, navy, indigo and royal blue will come into play in the living room, the den and even the home office.

Home decor trends 2013 #2

Wall decals

Wallpaper truly has been the “it” thing since the ‘60s, with most people opting to do one wall with a design pattern to add an accent and some personality to a room. But nowadays, a less taxing technique on one’s time and renovation budget is to decorate your walls with graphical stickers or decals. And it doesn’t end with graphic decals; mirrored wall stickers are the next design trend that will begin to replace the use of traditional mirrors.

Wall decals are not only simple to put up, they are a cinch to remove when you decide that it’s time to do something new with your room. With nothing more than a damp sponge, you can remove your wall decals and replace them with, say, 3-d wall tiles.

Home decor trends 2013

Home decor trends 2013 #3

3D wall tiles

3D wall tiles are not only incredibly appealing, they are actually quite affordable as well. Mike Tuttle, co-founder of InhabitLiving.com says, “I’ve never seen another wall treatment that changes the feel or mood of a room faster that our eco-friendly Wall Flats, the sculptural surface interacts with light to continually alter the way the wall appears.”

Wall Flats are sold by the box, containing 10 tiles that cover about 22.5 square feet. Best of all? Shipping is free!

Home decor trends 2013 #4

Bamboo, exotic hardwood, cork flooring

While wood floors have always been the typical choice for most home buyers, it seems that flooring is making way for new materials and that carpet is making its way out of the home entirely. Buyers are moving away from carpeting, even in the bedrooms. If carpeting is used at all, it’s used sparingly.

Bamboos, exotic hardwoods and cork flooring are becoming increasingly popular choices, as they are the more practical and hypoallergenic option.

What’s your home decor trend?

In a world where home décor is ever-changing, it’s comforting to know that the design trends for 2012 are more muted and don’t give one the impression that any minor renovations will be looked at with disdain the following year.

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  2. panbran says:

    3D wall tiles? Amazing. They look luxurious.

  3. Larry says:

    At our company, Floortrends, we have seen a big spike in hardwood, laminate and bamboo flooring lately. Along with this we have also noticed a huge interest from people who want an area rug to go with their new wood floors. We embrace these trends and now have Area Rugs in all our stores, bringing our collection to over 500 stocked rugs. Since our suppliers provide access to over 3000 different arearug patterns, we keep close watch and tweak our collection frequently to keep abreast of this growing trend!

  4. Mariana says:

    3D wall? Wow! That’s interesting. I haven’t seen any wall like that anywhere yet. That’s a great idea. Thanks for posting.

  5. The trend is certainly moving to 3d whether it be TVs, greeting cards, or wall treatments. Can see this being a hot commodity!

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