Color Therapy and Your Bedroom

Healing powers of blue beddingColor therapy, aka chromotherapy, has been known to humans since thousands of years yet a handful of people pay heed to it. Colors are known for their healing properties. Color therapists believe that every color has a special effect on the environment and using colors as per your requirements can prove beneficial in many ways.

Initially, color therapy was associated with the color of light around you and researchers and scientists focused on this aspect only. But with time, the theory has evolved and it includes the color of almost everything present around you like the color of the walls, bedding, furniture, décor, etc.

It is a known fact that we spend 33% of our lives sleeping. So that gives us all the more reason to make the bedroom a special place worthy of distinct attention. After a hectic day’s work, your bedroom is the place where you relax and rejuvenate yourself. Color therapy and your bedroom can work wonders for you in order to soothe your tense nerves. Hence place color therapy and your bedroom hand in hand and see the wonders it creates!

Color therapy and your bedroom – aura

Every color has an aura that affects the environment and the people surrounding it. Here’s a brief description about colors and their aura that will help in creating an ideal environment in your bedroom.

Color therapy and your bedroom – Blue

The color blue has an electric and cool aura that gives tranquility to the environment. “Blue ray of light is one of the greatest antiseptics in the world,” writes Dr. Edwin Babbitt in his book “The Principles of Light and Color,” which describes the effect of blue in the best way.

Healing Effects: Research has shown that blue helps in cooling down inflammation, fever, controlling high blood pressure, combating headaches and migraines, helping in calming emotions like aggression and anger. Blue bedding can help you bring color therapy and your bedroom together to create an overall calmness.

Color therapy and your bedroom – Red

Red is believed to be a color that exudes high energy and brings in warmth. It energizes the heart and improves blood circulation. Red stimulates the base of the spine resulting in secretion of adrenalin in the body, which gives strength.

Healing Effects: Red bedding can help you in many ways, as the color red causes the hemoglobin to multiply, thereby increasing energy and body temperature. The color can be used to combat anemia and blood-related ailments. Red stimulates ovulation, thereby increasing the libido.

Using green color therapy in the bedroom

Color therapy and your bedroom – Green

Green is related to nature. The color brings in a soothing effect on both body and mind. Green is neutral in its healing approach and can be used for healing most conditions. It renders psychological and emotional harmony. Green is high on energy and rejuvenates the body by energizing it.

Healing Effects: Green is known to stimulate and rejuvenate growth hormones. It helps in curing the hormonal imbalance along with harmonizing the digestive system, liver, stomach and bladder. The color helps to increase immunity and build up muscles, tissues and bones. Along with these benefits, green bedding will help you create a more soothing effect in the bedroom.

Color therapy and your bedroom – Yellow

Yellow has been related to the nervous system and brain, as it helps to strengthen the nerves and the mind, thereby stimulating higher mental acuity. Researchers have termed it to be the best for ailments related to the nerves or nervous system.

Healing Effects: Yellow energizes the muscles and stimulates the nervous system. It can help in curing shooting pains of the nerves. The color helps in speeding up the digestion system. It can be used for the problems related to kidneys, the liver and intestines.

Using white for color therapy in the bedroom

Color therapy and your bedroom – White

White is associated with peace and divinity. Although people don’t consider white to be a color, it’s a lesser known fact that is made out of a mixture of all colors! All the colors, when blended in perfect harmony, give white color. White has wondrous healing effects on the mind, body and soul.

Healing Effects: White symbolizes an awakened soul and is often related to the divine and spirituality. It helps in increasing the consciousness and harmonizing life. White bedding will help in bringing peace and harmony to your life. White is a perfect color to soothe your nerves and calm your mind, body and soul at the end of the day.

*Please note: This article is not intended to treat or cure any ailments or diseases. Please consult your doctor if you have any medical issues.

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