The ComFree $15K Giveaway Winner Is…

ComFree's $15K Giveaway Winner

Mike Frappier of Ottawa, Ontario won the $15,000 grand prize!

As most Canadians (and perhaps non-Canadians) know, we ran a $15K Giveaway contest because we wanted Canadians to have the chance to feel what it’s like to save the commission when selling their homes.

Mike Frappier, from Ottawa, Ontario, was the lucky winner of our $15K Giveaway. We caught up with 26-year-old Mike to find out what he planned to do with the money and, although he initially wanted to take the conservative, safe route, he has since changed his mind and plans to head down south for a little R&R with his girlfriend before putting some money into RRSPs and such.

We asked Mike, “Would you consider using the ComFree network to sell your home?” His answer was right on the money, literally: “Definitely… Knowing that you can save thousands of dollars in real estate fees is a big bonus when you are selling a home. That money can be used for several other things.”

ComFree"s $15,000 winner revealed!

What it feels llike to save the commission when selling your home!

So… has winning $15,000 from the largest commission-free real estate network in Canada changed the way Mike views real estate commissions? “It definitely has. I have never dealt with an agent when selling a house but knowing now that I can save that much money is an eye opener.”

Frappier says the winnings have changed the way he thinks about real estate commissions. “Winning the contest has been great, but knowing that I can save thousands of dollars in commissions when I decide to sell my house down the road is priceless.”

“Mike feels like he just won the lottery, but Canadians don’t need luck on their side to  save money if they sell their homes commission free,” said Randall Weese, Ottawa-based Broker of Record at Commonsense Network brokerage a proud part of the ComFree network. “If people had to physically hand over a cheque for the typical commission paid on a home sale, they would start to ask more questions about the value of a traditional realtor.”

If you plan on selling your home, visit today and see how you can save $15,000 or more on commission by using our services.

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