5 Ways To Create a Spa Bathroom

Create a spa bathroomThe bathroom is a common space within a household to retreat and unwind, away from the stresses of everyday life. Creating a luxurious environment is the ideal way to gain maximum relaxation and the perfect setting to indulge. Here we take a look at five ways to create a spa bathroom in the comfort of your own home.

Ways to create a spa bathroom #1

Lavish pieces

There are plenty of bath furnishings on the market that can provide a luxury bathing experience. Roll top bathtubs are commonly associated with chic and glamor although they also fit in well with more traditional styles. Whirlpool baths are the ultimate in contemporary style and enable a luxurious experience that is guaranteed to leave you feeling pampered. Bath furnishings that conveys elegance will most commonly be designed in a white glossy finish to replicate that of a spa, but marble is also a well known material to connotes that opulent feel.

Ways to create a spa bathroom #2

Update old décor

A traditionally-styled bathroom may be your ideal choice of design; however, there is a difference between this and updating what you already have. Applying a fresh coat of paint to your bathroom walls can instantly lift the space; ensuring fixtures are well cleaned and shining will also make them appear more exclusive and luxurious. Replace any heavy fabrics you may have around your bathroom window with delicate voile or any flowing material to allow more natural light into the room and brighten an otherwise dingy space.

Ways to create a spa bathroom #3

Create space

Even if your bathroom is lacking space, there are various ways in which you can create an illusion of greater dimensions. Avoiding darker shades of paint and instead applying neutral tones can instantly create a light and airy feel. Mirrors also create this illusion by tricking the eye into thinking the space continues within the reflection. They also reflect more light, which enhances the space. Mirrors that face each other will make the room seem as though it goes on and on for days. With a wide range of mirror designs available, they can add a very glamorous aesthetic appeal to your bathroom.

Ways to create a spa bathroom #4

Ways to create a spa bathroomAdd your personal touch

Designing your bathroom with your own style in mind will ensure maximum comfort. Adding personal touches such as photos, artwork or accessories to the room will ensure a unique feel that won’t be replicated in any other home. Candles also beautify a room and lend themselves to a calming atmosphere you generally experience in any spa. Your choice of bathroom towels and linen will also enhance this aspect so opt for luxurious, soft fabrics.

Ways to create a spa bathroom #5

Keep clutter to a minimum

Storage is key when designing your bathroom suite, as it is useful for keeping personal belongings out of sight, which could otherwise make your bathroom look unwelcoming and untidy. Vanity units are a multifunctional and can add to the glamor in a bathroom. Displaying only small, luxurious products on the side or on a shelf will exude the spa feel and free up more space with which you can pamper yourself.

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  1. Sarah Lewton says:

    I totally agree with the clutter free bathroom, even if your not trying to go for the spa style its good to keep the toothbrush, toothpaste and all the other hygiene nicknacks out of sight so then your bathroom always looks guest friendly.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Hot tubs are great indoors and outdoors, whether it’s a spa tub or an actual hot tub.

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