4 Contemporary Garage Doors

Contemporary garage doors

While most people tend not to focus to heavily on the garage doors of their home, as they are typically a very utilitarian part of the home, nowadays contemporary garage doors will have you rethinking all of that.

When it comes to contemporary garage doors, not only do you have an array of colors to choose from, now there are a wide array of materials that can add a major accent to your curb appeal.

Contemporary garage doors #1


Although aluminum is typically used for most garage doors, this particular aluminum garage door is designed by Hill Country. Coupled with glass for full view, aluminum doors come in a wide array of colors.

Aluminum is quite durable although glass may not be ideal for those who like to get rough and tough with their garage doors. In the vein of contemporary garage doors, however, these are tops.

Contemporary garage doors - woodContemporary garage doors #2


Contemporary garage doors made with horizontal planks of wood have a real modern appeal and can easily enhance other elements of the home and give it a real rich feel.

With myriad stains and grains available, it’s easy to find a wood that suits your home’s outside décor. The objective is to keep one or two focal points at most. Repeating a material on the garage door can keep curb appeal from becoming too busy. No one wants a front yard with 99 focal points—neither do neighbors.

Contemporary garage doors - frosted glassContemporary garage doors #3


While glass garage doors are pretty to look at in and of themselves, when they are frosted and lit from inside, they also add a sense of security. The interior glow makes its way outside illuminating everything around it.

Not only is this a beautiful addition to your curb appeal, frosted glass garage doors also provide an air of sophistication to complement an already beautiful home.

Contemporary garage doors - steelContemporary garage doors #4


If no maintenance is what you’re looking for, the new wave of steel doors will give you durability and longevity without having to sacrifice good looks or your architectural features.

From traditional raised panel steel doors and contemporary flush steel doors to steel carriage house garage doors and contemporary aluminum, there is something to suit every house style.

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  1. Although wood and glass look really nice I have been a fan of Aluminium and even though not as sturdy as steel I prefer it. Which garage door type do you like best?

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