Top 6 Reasons to Home Stage

Reasons to home stage

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Oftentimes, home sellers fail to realize the kind of effect a well-organized home can have on the sale as a whole. According to Scott Bollinger, Licensed real estate broker at Commonsense Network brokerage, a proud part of the ComFree network, “Home staging affords buyers the opportunity to see the true potential of a home for sale.”

So why should you consider home staging when selling your home? Here are six reasons to home stage that will change your perspective on hiring a professional home stager.

Reasons to home stage #1

Your home will sell faster

A staged home is a home that sells more quickly. According to statistics, 93% of staged homes sell, on average, in one month or less, as compared to the national average of 161 days on the market. “Many properties that I have staged have sold in one day,” admits Micheline Masson of PropertyStaged in Ottawa, Ontario. So by strategically placing furniture in the right places to maximize space and create a neutral and welcoming feel, you can easily sell your home more quickly.

And considering the cost, it is money well spent. “I would say a staging job is around $300 to $1,500 for a furnished home, while a vacant property would run between $3,000 and $8,000. Again, this all depends on the size of the home, what is needed and for how long,” says Masson. “Home staging is an investment, it should be on everyone’s list when selling because done properly, a staged property looks better and sells faster.”

Reasons to home stage #2

You will make more money

A home that shows well is a home that many buyers will want, which means that you could end up making more money that you listed your home for, in addition to the fact that you decided to sell without paying commission.

“I use what is in the home and just move it around; costing the home owner nothing more than the consultation fee or package they selected; my packages start at $150,” reveals Masson. “Sometimes small bonus items are suggested, but I do my always do my best to work with any budget.”

A well-staged home speaks volumes to potential buyers and has that move-in ready look that most buyers want nowadays.

Reasons to home stage #3

Your photos will stand out

Of course, you know by now that the ComFree network takes HDR (high dynamic range) pictures of your home in order to show buyers the true beauty of your home, but when the home staging is done right, your photos will stand out that much more.

“My goal is to ensure the property is ready for final listing photos that will be posted online so sellers get as many prospective buyers booked into see the property as possible,’ says Masson.

If the furniture is placed right, the color combinations are pleasing to the eye and the home is free of clutter and personal items, you can bet that your phone will be ringing off the hook.

Reasons to home stage when selling

See this beautiful home at

Reasons to home stage #4

You will get your money back

A 2007 Home Gain survey of 2,000 practitioners found that the return on investment from home staging was as much as 343%, so it’s obvious that hiring a professional home stager is a no-brainer at this point.

Your objective is obviously to make the most money in the least amount of time when selling your home so it makes perfect sense to enlist the help of a home stager for such a project.

Reasons to home stage #5

A home stager is objective

It’s your home and you love it. You also think it looks perfect exactly that way it is and that anyone who sees it will surely fall in love with it. Of course, you would be wrong, and that is where the services of a home stager become uber-important.

“Staging isn’t about clearing all the items off a counter and leaving it cold and empty; this isn’t welcoming to any potential buyer. Despite what some buyers might say, most people have a difficult time seeing a room as their own,” says Masson. “A property needs to be shown at its finest, be functional, attract buyers and make them feel welcome; the objective is to make them feel like this could easily be their home.”

A home stager can look at your home from an objective standpoint and figure out what works and what does so that your home is optimized for purchase.

Reasons to home stage #6

Homebuyers can’t usually visualize a home

Sometimes homebuyers simply aren’t able to see past the paint on the wall or the old recliner you have sitting in the living room and so they think the home is simply not for them. A home stager understands this dilemma and uses their expertise to create rooms that the masses can relate to.

A home stager can help home buyers to picture their own furniture and family in the home, and that is your ultimate objective.

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  1. Home staging is really important. No one wants to buy a boring house.

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