5 Tips for Improving Your Guest Bedroom

Improving your guest bedroomWe all love it and hate it when we have loved ones visit from out of town. Whether it’s through the stress of the holiday season or at any other point throughout the year you want your guest to have a pleasant stay.

Unfortunately though, the guest bedroom can often be neglected as the last room to be decorated after buying a home. Sometimes, your guest bedroom gets neglected for years or is just left in disarray. So here are some ideas for improving your guest bedroom to ensure your welcome – or not-so welcome – visitors have a pleasant stay and sleep.

Improving your guest bedroom #1

Clear the clutter

First things first: clear the clutter. No one wants to fight through a huge mess after a grueling day or days of traveling. Make sure this room is prim and proper all year round so that even in times of surprise visits, you’re prepared. Also keep in mind that less is best in a guest room.

Clear out the clutter and make sure the piles of miscellaneous stuff are tucked away in lidded bins under the bed or in decorative wicker baskets. Guests really take notice of organized and clean bedrooms.

Improving your guest bedroom #2

Add a basket of toiletries

Everyone forgets something when they travel and, more often than not, it’s a toiletry. Having a small basket of toiletries prepared is a pleasant welcome for your guests. Sample sizes like the ones you find in hotel rooms are great for this.

Make sure to include shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant, toothpaste and mouthwash. A scented candle adds a nice touch to the ensemble.

Improving your guest bedroom #3

Invest in the room

Don’t skimp on your guest bedroom. You want your visitors to be comfortable and they will take notice if you invest in their comfort. Fresh new bedding sets jazz the room up while also screaming comfort for your guests.

Make the bed plush with pillows. Freshly laundered sheets and a well-made guest bed that is virtually wrinkle free is a traveler’s best friend at the end of the day.

Guest bedroom decor ideas

Improving your guest bedroom #4

Give them a key

Have you ever thought to add a key hook to the entrance of the room? What about keeping a guest key to the front door on the hook? Make sure that the key can be readily added to your guest’s key-chain. After all, they’re likely to go drive around the city and this allows them to keep your house key attached to their car keys.

Also, think about creating a small traveler’s binder with must-see spots in the city including amazing breakfast/brunch, lunch, and dinner dives. This will truly make your guest feel like they’re staying at a five-star hotel.

Improving your guest bedroom #5

Visit your own house

The best way to get a feel for how your guest will experience the bedroom is by staying it in yourself! Play guest in your house for a night or two to really get a sense for how the room feels. If it’s not comfortable or pleasant enough for you, then it isn’t anywhere near quality for your guest.

Doing this always makes sure that everything is in convenient areas and is readily accessible. You’ll undoubtedly notice cracks in the ceiling, odd smells, dust, and burnt-out light bulbs by staying in the guest room.

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