5 Repairs to Consider Before Selling Your Home

Repairs to consider before selling your home

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If you plan on selling your home, a little research will quickly result in repairs to consider before selling your home. But the million-dollar question is: which repairs will bring your the most return and not end up costing your thousands of dollars in losses?

There is no black and white answer, unfortunately, but typically, the right time of year, your location, the type of market and how many homes are for sale in your area will determine what you need to do in order to unload your home in a timely manner.

Here, now, are some general guidelines for repairs to consider before selling your home.

Repairs to consider before selling your home #1

Check your flooring

While carpeting was really in style in the 1960s, it seems that hardwood flooring is the order of the day of late. Most old homes tend to have an oak floor base, so if that’s your case, your best bet would be to rip out your carpet and expose this beautiful floor.

If, however, your flooring underneath is plywood, then replace the carpeting with a neutral light tan color instead. That way, at least any type of furniture would blend in.

If ceramic flooring is what you have floating throughout your home, replace any chipped or crack tiles with new ones.

Repairs to consider before selling your home #2

Get started on the paint job

By far, the cheapest and easiest way to increase the value and esthetics of your home, a new pain job will easily appeal to most homebuyers, as they tend to gravitate towards move-in ready homes and not ones that require a ton of work.

If you have wallpaper, get rid of it because décor is a subjective thing and a homebuyer wants to personalize their new home with their personality, they don’t want to let yours linger.

Repairs to consider before selling your home #3

Improve your kitchen

If your appliances and cabinets rock, then you are that much closer to an easy home sale. If, however, your cabinets are rickety and old, then chance are you will have to improve upon them with either a paint job or by replacing them altogether.

According to Remodeling Magazine, minor kitchen remodels remodels return nearly 100% of the cost incurred, so you really have nothing to lose.

While granite counters, new faucets and sparkling sinks would wow buyers, replacing them for sale will not work in your favor and you will likely not turn a profit from it.

Repairs to consider before selling your home

See this stunning home at ComFree.com

Repairs to consider before selling your home #4

Revamp your bathrooms

It is safe to say that minor redecorating in bathrooms will give you a 100% return on what you spend. If your floors are pretty awesome, then spend some money replacing the fixtures and lights, and you are ready to get selling.

Repairs to consider before selling your home #5

Give your curb appeal an overhaul

Okay, for the sake of honesty, if your roof needs to be repaired, you need to do it, otherwise the chances of your home selling get slimmer with each visiting homebuyer. Buyers tend to frown upon homes where the roof needs to be replaced.

That is perhaps the biggest cost you will have to incur for your curb appeal. Besides that, you will need to patch cement cracks in the driveway, plant greenery, caulk windows, clean the door, and perhaps paint the fence if need be. Piece of cake, right?

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  1. Elvia Johnson Gottlieb says:

    Great article. I could not say it better. Timing is everything in this business and every market is different. Sometimes the location sells its self if its price correctly.

  2. I agree with the all repairs stated here… all of them are extremely necessary and they would make a much more presentable look for the house. Kitchen and bathrooms serve as the high points for repair when opting to sell the house as is the flooring. Any form of chippings or faded colours are recommended to be fixed, old faucets and sinks to be replaced to maximise the overall appeal. I think a majority would benefit from the great tips. Thanks for sharing this insightful post.

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