4 Pieces of Unique Outdoor Furniture

Unique outdoor furniture can set your home apart from others and create a conversation piece that fosters friendships with neighbors. Needless to say, unique outdoor furniture can also be considered decorative pieces of art.

Here are five pieces of unique outdoor furniture that double as art:

Unique outdoor furniture

The Beehive

1- The Beehive

This modern gazebo-like unique outdoor furniture is a must-have, if staying outdoors is your thing. Created by Belgian company Extremis, this design is known to them as “The Beehive.” It can easily fit 20 people and can be customized, depending on your mood or theme for the get together. It brings back the possibility of hanging outside and being in tune with nature.

Unique outdoor furniture for the home

The Gazebo outdoor chairs

2- The Gazebo

This piece of outdoor furniture was handcrafted by Laura Spector. Known for using twigs in her creations, Spector used wicker as her main material for unique outdoor furniture. This piece allows for comfortable seating and provides enough shade from the sunlight, while bringing out an overall earthy feel.

Unique outdoor furniture pictures

The Nestrest chairs

3- The Nestrest

The Nestrest is a piece of furniture that you can either place on the floor or hang on trees. From afar, it looks like a home for birds and other animals.

Designed by two Frenchmen, Daniel Pouzet and Fred Frety, this creation was made for relaxation, meditation and open air conversation. It is not only durable, it is also environmentally friendly, as this furniture is made from dedon fiber, the world’s first synthetic fiber.

Unique outdoor furniture

The Chocolatier sitting area

4- The Chocolatier

Outdoor furniture needs to be useful and easy on the eyes. This last piece is a set of lounge chairs. It sticks to the basics of black and white, splashed with red accents to add a bit of contrast.

What’s unique about this is its shape. From this view, it looks like it came straight from a chocolatier and brought to life in the form of a piece of unique outdoor furniture. The shapes are not sharp, but angled carefully in a way that looks soft and inviting. It is the perfect piece to complete a modern yet soft look.

Unique outdoor furniture awaits you

Whatever piece of furniture you decide to add to your homes, keep in mind that comfort comes first. While it may look good, make sure that it also delivers its primary purpose to give you a place to sit, eat or sleep.

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