8 Online Tools To Help Color Coordinate Your Home

Online tool to color coordinate your homeA well color coordinated house leaves a lasing impression, whether it’s for a mansion or a small apartment. Choosing an ideal color for each room in your home can be confusing and sometimes daunting.

To start, it is difficult to find the exact shade. Second, when you do get the dream shade, there is no way you can know how it will look on the house walls. Visualization for the final outcome is difficult, check out the list below and you’ll find online tools to help color coordinate your home.

1- Colorjive – Offers visual representation of the colors and shades by applying them to the photos you upload to the site. This service is accessible by signing up for a free account. You have limited access with a free account, but with an upgrade you’ll have more features at hand to use.

2- Sherwin-Williams Color Simulator – You’ll find a wide variety of house designs. You need to choose the closest that resembles your house design. With that, you can then choose colors from the Sherwin Williams palette.

3- Benjamin Moore – Their personal color viewer shows you different color shades for the interior and exterior. A paid version of the software needs to be bought if you want to experiment with your home photos.

Android Apps to help you color coordinate your home

4- CliqCliq Colors – With this app you’ll find pairing different colors easy. All you need to do is take an image of your house or rooms with your Android phone. CliqCliq will convert the color shades into RGB, HSB, and CMYK and floating point scales, thus helping you better visualize the colors.

5- ColorSnap- Designed by Sherwin Williams, this app adds new dimension to your color
inspirations. This app allows you to take advice from the experts. This is accessible through an “ask” button. If you have a color idea to share, the app allows you to do so via Facebook and email sharing. Another good point about this app – it’s free!

6- myPANTONE – With this app, you can cross check any Pantone shade with that of the Pantone color library. You can even extract colors from a photograph to get its exact color, code and shade for future reference.

7- Paint Tester – You will find it easy to see how your walls will actually look after splashing the right shades on them. You can experiment with umpteen shades on a single photo uploaded through this app. The uploaded photo should, however, be well lit and bright.

8- addDecor – This app is like your personal sample board for an assortment of colors. Carrying such a wide variety of colors was never this easy and simple. Plus all your color inspiration can be categorized by specific boards as well.

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