4 Chairs for Kids’ Playrooms

Chairs for kids' playroomBack in my day, kids sat on the dirt, played in the dirt, ate dirt – our whole lives revolved around dirt. These days, though, kids have all kinds of luxuries, cell phones, computers, vaccinations, and – this is the big one – chairs for kids’ playrooms. No sir, in my day, if you wanted chairs for kids’ playrooms, you whittled one out of a stump.

Imagine coming in from a hard day of playing pretend as a doctor or astronaut, all sweaty and tired, and all you want to do is slump down for a nap in a chair. You definitely would not want a cold, stiff, uncomfortable chair, that’s for sure.

You’d want something soft and pliable, like a plastic chair, the kind that gives a little under your weight and cradles you. Plus, you’d want the chair to be colorful, maybe decorated with blooming flowers or dinosaurs, because a child’s environment can stimulate their imagination, thus aiding with mental development. (All that from a simple plastic chair, who would have thought?)

But simple plastic chairs can only go so far. Sure, they’re better than their wooden cousins, but they lack comfort, style and sophistication.

Leather chair for kids' playroom

1- Leather chairs for kids’ playrooms

If your child’s taste for interior design is too refined for mere plastic, opt instead for the contemporary comfort of a suede or leather chair. These chairs are often stuffed and really, really large, perfect for when a kid just wants to lounge.

Stick a bookcase next to one of these bad boys and watch as your child’s mind is blown by the utter enjoyment of cuddling up with a good book. Or, if your kid is into the electronic entertainment (what kid isn’t?), these stuffed chairs are absolutely ideal for kicking back and zoning into a digital world. Some stuffed chairs also come with matching ottomans, making the comfort even more enjoyable.

2- Gaming chairs for kids’ playrooms

Of course, there are also chairs specifically built for certain purposes. For example, gaming chairs are a recent revolution, and they help maintain a child’s posture (and comfort) while they play video games. Some of these chairs include additional options, such as speakers, warming/cooling pads, and so forth.

3- Themed chairs for kids’ playrooms

Another example would be a themed chair, the kind that is built to fit a certain style, such as a chair that looks like a giant football. These themed chairs ensure your child’s biggest passion is always at the forefront. (I’ve even seen a pirate-themed chair that came with a captain’s hat – it’s awesome enough to make me wish I was born at a later decade.)

Beanbag chairs from BeanBagBoss

4- Bean bag chairs for kids’ playrooms

But before you go gallivanting off to buy your child a new chair, there’s one more that cannot go unmentioned: bean bag chairs. If comfort and relaxation were to come together and combine into one – and only one – style of chair, it would be a bean bag chair, the king of chairs for kids’ playrooms.

Although the design seems simple, the end result is nothing you have ever experienced before. The sensation of sinking into a bean bag chair can only be described as unimaginable bliss. It’s like sipping lemonade in the shade during a hot summer day or finding money in an old pair of jeans. Plus, it’s a sensation recreated each and every time your child (or you) sit down. Mankind might as well stop making chairs because we’ve found perfection.

Whatever you decide on choosing, though, remember that decorating your child’s playroom should be a joint experience between you and them. Make it a bonding moment – take pictures, ask for their opinion, and have a blast. After all, they’re only young once.

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