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Home remodeling on a budgetHome remodeling is a notorious task, often considered a four-letter word by homeowners everywhere. Horror stories abound concerning contractors’ venality, insane city zoning and codes, and projects with skyrocketing budgets and completion dates.

And yet home remodeling is still hugely popular. And that’s because home remodeling gives old homes new flavor, making your old home feel new again. Truly, a good remodel can sometimes be even better than purchasing a new home.

Oftentimes, full scale home remodeling, complete with contractors, full additions, and brand new appliances/flooring/counters, simply isn’t an option. So how can you get the best results when home remodeling on any budget? Well, consider these simple ideas, which can have a big impact on your home without draining your bank account.


Painting makes an immediate impact on any home. Updating old or boring color schemes often is change enough to give an old home new personality. And it is by far your cheapest option when it comes to remodeling. But where can painting have the biggest impact? Well, that really depends upon where your home needs it most. But here’s where it is typically most effective:

The kitchen

Having a new, stylish kitchen can update the house as a whole. And, depending upon the rest of the kitchen, sometimes a fresh coat of paint is all that’s truly needed. So, try adding fresh paint to your kitchen’s walls, cabinets, door frames, or even floor.

Entry way / foyer

Being greeted with an interesting and eye catching paint job immediately upon entering a home is a fantastic way to inject new life into any house and ups the wow factor for potential homebuyers.

Accent walls

Accent walls can transform any room, and are extremely affordable (not to mention simple). All it takes is painting a single wall in any room. Try using bright vibrant colors that complement the current theme/color scheme of the room to give the room a sense of depth and personality.

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Poor lighting can be a serious problem in any house. The transformative value of lighting is astounding. Sometimes, all it takes to change a room from dark and dingy into comfortable and welcoming is an update in the lighting.

And, while you’re adding brighter lights, why not consider lighting features? There are all sorts of lighting features that can add personality and style to homes. Lighting features can turn a room into a usable, enjoyable space by increasing lighting, adding personality, and creating atmosphere. Here’s where great lighting can have the greatest impact:


Basements, especially in older homes, are notorious for being dark, foreboding, and poorly lit. Renovating a basement into a livable room can seem like an overwhelming project, but start by adding a little lighting.

The kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most valued rooms in the entire house, often being referred to as the heart of any home. Update it with a nice feature light to bring your home into the 21st century and foster the atmosphere you’ve been missing.


Having a well-lit exterior/entryway in the home works wonders for your home’s comfort level and welcoming presence. No one wants to be greeted by a dark house.

Space reconfiguration/reclamation

Nearly everyone has rooms in their home that sit unused or underused. This happens for various reasons, including clutter, lack of space, or set aside for a specific purpose. A few rooms that are notorious for sitting empty more often than not are:

Guest bedrooms
• Dining rooms (especially if you have a table in the kitchen as well)
• Basements
• Storage closets

Try multi-purposing these rooms and you’ll be surprised how much larger your home will feel. For example, the guest bedroom can double as an office, dining rooms can become a part-time game room, basements can be turned into another bedroom, and unused/cluttered storage closets can be combined to reduce clutter in other rooms.

Of course, the only real limit on how you repurpose your rooms is your own creativity.

The little things

Don’t forget the little things when it comes to remodeling on a budget. Things such as changing the drapes, adding new rugs, and changing the hardware on cabinets can make a huge difference. All these things can be done for low cost, but have a considerable effect on the room. Especially when focusing on one room; each change has a cumulative effect.

Remodeling on a budget is strongly rooted in creativity. Put the work and time into creating something that you’ll enjoy; whether it is a freshly painted kitchen, new drapes and an accent wall in the living room, a well-lit repurposed basement, or a beautiful entryway welcoming you home.

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  1. Mark says:

    When planning to remodel a house or home, the first thing that needs to be considered is the budget. From it; you’ll be able to decide on how extent the renovation will be; what materials to use; and the added features you like.

    Thanks for sharing your tips and ideas. They are really helpful.

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