Is Hiring Movers A Good Idea?

Is hiring movers a good idea?

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While many homeowners will decide to round-up their friends and do a move solo, there are huge advantages when you opt to hire a professional moving company. Instead of gathering boxes and other supplies for weeks on end, having to take responsibility for broken or damaged items, and doing all the hard work the day of, hiring movers may be a better idea, as they can often handle everything from A-to-Z without breaking a sweat – after all, this is what they do every single day.

There are certain things to look for when hiring movers. “Make sure the moving company is a member of the Better Business Bureau and that the estimate you receive is in writing,” said Peter Armstrong, manager at Canada Moving. “Ensure that you understand the terms of packing – if you pack boxes yourself insurance may not be covered. And it’s imperative that you understand what insurance you have with your move – a lot of moving companies won’t have replacement value insurance and some people don’t know to ask that question.”

Taking on a big move can be costly, both monetarily as well as time-wise. “You’re going to have to rent a truck so that alone is going to cost you $100 to $200 with fuel, and you have to count your time getting the truck and then dropping it off,” said Chris Boundikas, who co-founded Alumni and University Movers with partner Kevin Houben.

“The truck has no equipment so you don’t have blankets, elastics, straps for moving heavier stuff, and rolling dollies or hand trucks. When you finally get to your home you have to bother a friend or two to help you transport everything, and you run the risk of injuring yourself and others, which you’re not insured for. With getting the stuff in and out, you run a huge risk of breaking and scratching stuff if it’s not packed and moved properly, or you could damage walls going in and out of your house.” Yet these variables are virtually eliminated when you opt for hiring movers.

Going at a move alone is a big endeavor – it involves not only immense planning but what could be major back-breaking work (literally). Leaving the heavy lifting to a moving company could be just what you need to make a smooth transition into your new residence, accident-free. Hiring movers might be one of the best investments you make when buying or selling a property.

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  1. Max says:

    I also think its not a bad idea. Its more easy and reliable. Also it gives relax from tension. tnx!

  2. It’s probably not a bad idea since they will be extra careful with your valuables seeing as they are legally accountable for any damages caused. On the other hand it is an ideal time to whip out your ‘friend’ card and ask some friends to pitch in (provided you supple them with customary food and drinks). If your moving needs encompass an entire families’ stuff (you, your wife and multiple children), it might not be a bad idea looking into some professional moving assistance.

  3. Jenifer Ivangeline says:

    Hiring the movers is a good idea for a long or short move. But the one you are going to hire should be a licensed one that is approved by the state’s transportation department for a safe move.

  4. As a licensed and insured moving company it makes a lot of sense for this article to be seen by your clients. Many times when people opt to move by themselves its tricky to gather enough people and work around their schedule. Many times it is worth using a moving companies service just to keep yourself sane during this stressful time. Moving shouldn’t be hard if you find the right company.

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