Transform Your Basement Into a Functional Room

Transform your basement into a functional room

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Basements are often diamonds in the rough! Renovating a basement can be a relatively easy and cost-effective way to add some new living space to your home. Here are some ideas to polish up your hidden jewel, and add serious value to your home!

Don’t get demotivated if your basement is unfinished: Before investing in any decorative work, find the cause of any structural or water related problems. Unless dampness is due to fractured pipes (or worse) look at the range of waterproofing packages on the market.

These professional grade products clean, seal, repair and decorate spaces vulnerable to water infiltration. Designed for DIY use, they cost a fraction of the price of getting your basement professionally waterproofed. Opt for a reputable brand that offers a satisfaction guarantee.

Get clever with lighting: Basements often suffer from lack of natural light, and you’re forced to live with existing openings because the budget or the planning laws just don’t allow for it. So get creative with lighting and opt for picture lights, back-lit frames, baseboard lighting and recessed spots to increase the overall light level. Even reading lights add style while delivering much needed “work” lighting.

Warm it up: Sound and heat insulation is a must for harmonious, economic and ecologic living. Unless your basement has an existing system of forced air or hot water pipes, consider electric heating, it’s economical and ultimately controllable.

Make sure to ventilate: Exchanging fresh for stale air is the key to keeping your space healthy and protected against problems caused by condensation.

Prioritize storage: Organize the garage and other areas to lighten the load on inside space because the more storage you create, the more elegant your basement will be.

Identify function of rooms: Got what’s needed? Great! Transform antiquated, mismatched furniture with a lick of paint, but furnish with restraint! Don’t use pieces just because they’re there: if it doesn’t fit, do without, find something that does the job, or wait until you find that perfect piece.

Choose a style: Whether you prefer light and bright or dark and distinguished, the real trick to success is changing your mind set. Think of it as a place to stun visitors, not just the basement. Create atmosphere with a feature wall of rich, bold, intricate patterns, or materials that add texture: stone, wood, colored glass, Perspex, or even metal.

Pick your colors: Tones of cream, taupe, washed greys and blues, finished with touches of silver or gold, create the high-end hotel look that appeals to buyers. Historical colors, such as British racing green, burgundy reds, rich browns and mustards add a study feel. Blend pale and slate greys with the clean lines of contemporary furnishings for a timeless look, or mix sharp white walls with primary colors for a modern twist.

Whatever style you pick, a well decorated, well organized basement adds quality to your life, and puts money in your pocket during resale. Enjoy!

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  1. Kay says:

    That’s a perfect idea… too often, the basement of a home is an afterthought.

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