How to Market a Newly-Built Home for Sale

How to market a newly-built home for sale - tips for builders

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“If you build it, they will come”; if only it were that simple…

The truth is, there is a marketing formula when it comes to selling a newly-built home. And who better to look to than the experts – the home developers and builders.

Here are some tools they use when they market a newly-built home for sale:

Amazing photographs: People are visual, so first-class pictures of the home’s front, interior and exterior are a seller’s best ally. These can be used for web listings, the development’s website, magazines, and large-format posters.

Quality signage: Directional signage and a “For Sale” sign are key.

Print advertising: Advertising a home in the local paper or a magazine (such as ComFree magazine) increases the property’s exposure.

Open house: Inviting potential buyers to get a real look at the space is a key way to get people talking – and interested. Some make it even more inviting by offering coffee and cookies to guests and decorating with chic floral arrangements.

Put amenities front and center: When advertising or hosting an open house, it’s crucial to display and highlight the property’s amenities and special features. This also applies to online virtual tours such as Comfree’s 360° Panoramas.

Create buzz with social media: Posting the web listing on Facebook can be an effective and budget-friendly way to get some digital PR, in addition to posting on highly-trafficked websites.

How to market a newly-built home for sale

According to the pros, here are some valuable tips to keep in mind when you plan to market a newly-built home for sale.

1- Let location help determine your marketing medium: David Wex of Urban Capital Property Group in Ontario believes that “the marketing medium you use often depends on the site. If it’s a high traffic area, then you can rely on signage, but other times you really need an ad campaign to make people know about your site. Conventional marketing is always the base, but we also use a lot of electronic media such as e-blasts. PR can also be an extremely cost effective way of getting your message out, if done well.”

2- Know your audience: Noam Schnitzer of Northcliffe Development, a condo development company, emphasizes the importance of knowing your target audience. This can help you determine where you’ll get the most ROI for your marketing efforts.

3- Go “out of the box”: It always helps to get creative! In addition to a loyalty program that dubs itself as a “VIP membership club,” Wex lists some “out of the box” tools Urban Capital Property Group employs: “We’re starting a campaign to brand a neighborhood in an area where we have a fair number of projects on the go. The neighbourhood branding campaign will be another means to draw people to our own condo projects.”

4- It’s all in the details: When it comes to selling a home from blueprints, Schnitzer says the biggest challenge is helping people visualize exactly what they are buying. It’s one thing to fall in love with blueprints and renderings, but when it’s time to sign on the dotted line, model showrooms displaying all the home’s materials and amenities can go a long way. As well, a website dedicated to the development and clearly featuring all the information becomes crucial to educate and appease buyers – especially when the delivery date is a long time away from the actual purchasing stage.

As you can see, selling a newly-built home requires the right strategy, creativity and understanding. Keep in mind that you are not only selling a newly-built home – you are essentially selling a brand.

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    I think it needs to be furnished, home staged, if you will. That always works well for newly-built homes.

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