Using Color and Texture to Match the Season

Using colors and textures to match the seasonWith every season comes a feeling, one that you might want to reflect in your home décor. Using color and texture to match the season is a great way to create continuance from the outside to the inside of your home.

Use accessories to introduce lighter colors: Rich and dark colors create a cozy feel for winter nights but can make rooms feel heavy when the world starts to bloom outdoors. So think light and bright, because we’re about to help you fix your space for the warmer days ahead…on a budget!

Wash off the winter grime and let in the light: Dust down blinds and shutters, pull down heavy drapes and take a trip to the cleaners. It can be costly, but preserving your fabrics and packing them away until the fall is worth the expense.

Keep up the spring-like decor: they’ll do a great job every fall and winter, but maybe you don’t need the heavy rugs in the spring and summertime. Rolling up heavy rugs can give an air of extra space.

Change your window treatments: I love to use lots of “humble” fabrics like muslin, cottons and even old fashioned dust sheets or antique sheets. Their simplicity adds a unique elegance that lets furnishings speak and creates a beach-like feel to homes as they heat up towards summer.

Using seasonal accessories in home decorCreate cheerful accessories: Cheap accessories transform well with a lick of paint, or by adding loose covers. Pick your favourite from a huge color range of spray paints on the market to create a coordinated (or eclectic) lighting collection, or to spruce up small pieces of furniture. Choose the 360° spray option to create a more professional look, then update covers and shades with a matching, or even contrasting, fabric. If you’re feeling creative, why not use beads or pearls, paper or fabric flowers, or even varnished newspaper or old photographs? The choice is yours.

When designing clients’ homes, I often include two groups of accessories because spending more now costs them less in the long run. By using accessories for only six months at a time, your purchases will have longevity and a newness, and you won’t tire of them quickly, which helps cut down on expensive impulse buys.

So when planning your next accessory shopping trip, purchase some neutral items and let your imagine run wild with the rest! Think warm, rich fabrics for winter, and whimsical pastels and prints for summer.

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