5 Ways to Create a Vintage Kitchen

Ways to create a vintage kitchenCreating a vintage kitchen means aiming for the style of the ’50s without having to put up with scruffy, second-hand items that either don’t work very well, or not at all.

If you’re lucky enough to find functional, clean and original items, great! But if you’re like the rest of us, struggling the find the diamonds in the rough, then why not go for something modern whilst still capturing that vintage kitchen feel?

Ways to create a vintage kitchen #1


When you’re creating a vintage kitchen, it can be easy to get carried away with things you like rather than things that suit your kitchen.

Try to stick with a color scheme or else you may find that your kitchen resembles a pawn shop, rather than a vintage kitchen. Take care when choosing your palette; if you get it right, it will look fantastic, but it can easily become a disaster if not properly contemplated.

Red, pink, turquoise and yellow are all very popular colors with the current retro vibe, and chrome is a big hit, too.

Ways to create a vintage kitchen #2


If you’re going for the ’50s look, stick with the ’50s. There is nothing worse than a kitchen trying to cover every decade.

You will naturally have present day items in your kitchen, which is fine, but you shouldn’t try to cover any more than two eras. Remember, vintage kitchens were designed to be futuristic and mark the end of wartime. Fifties items aren’t too far off from things you can purchase today.

Ways to create a vintage kitchen #3


When you look at ’50s flooring styles, you may notice the use of linoleum and vinyl. Some people use one color and some like to mix and match different colors or shades. You can find many flooring companies still dealing in vinyl and lino, so don’t worry about needing to buy second-hand.

Ways to create a vintage kitchen #4


The walls of your kitchen can be littered with vintage kitchen items, from tin sign adverts to pay phones.

You can use a plethora of wall decorations, or go for the minimalistic approach, depending on the size of your kitchen. Smaller kitchens can feel too cluttered when overly-decorated.

Painting the walls is one option, but for the true vintage kitchen enthusiast, it is worth noting that most old kitchens were painted an eggshell white, and the decor was what made the look and feel.

You can find retro clocks, pictures and plates that can be hung or shelved from a variety of online retailers.

The vintage kitchen look

Ways to create a vintage kitchen #5


There are many modern kitchen appliance manufacturers going retro, meaning that you can buy modern retro appliances quickly and easily, from toasters to fridge freezers.

I have taken a liking to the Smeg retro fridge freezers, because the color range is huge and they are sturdy and of good quality. Range cookers are probably the best fit for vintage kitchens, as long as you have the space.

Some of the best manufacturers are Stoves, Rangemaster and Britannia. If you want the full vintage kitchen look, then you can get dishwashers and washing machines for installation through Smeg.

Your vintage kitchen awaits you

So why not take a trip back to the ‘50s every time you walk into the kitchen? It looks good and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to pull off. You have the choice between the authentic retro products, or, for a ’50s aesthetic with modern functionality, you can get modern vintage items with all the mod cons.

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