4 Ways to Add Natural Light To A Home

Ways to add natural light to a homeIf your home is dark and dingy, it’s likely that you are not comfortable in your home. The truth is that a simple way to make your home shine is by using natural light to enhance your home.

Fortunately, you don’t have to replace or install new windows; there are much more economical options. All you need is a little strategic planning to bring in some natural light to enhance your home. The following are some tips that will reveal the easiest ways to enhance your home with natural light:

1- Paint the window trims

Windows are the best option to maximize the amount of light you get in a room. If you have very few windows or small windows, painting the window trim white will actually help the light to reflect back into the room. You also want to make sure that any draperies are pulled back and furniture is placed in a way that does not block the light.

Along with painting the window trim white, you may want to consider the color of your walls. In rooms with low light, neutral colors often make the best choice. You may love the green or blue you have chosen, but unless it is a lighter shade, it will only darken the interior even more and take away from the natural light in your home.

2- Get opaque shades

If you live in an area where privacy is a concern, consider purchasing window treatments that will allow the light to come in, but that will still prevent others from seeing in.

Opaque coverings will help to give your windows a cloudy look and will still allow you privacy. And don’t forget shutters! Shutters are a very attractive addition to a home, and allow you to control exactly how much natural light you allow in the home.

3- Use mirrors

In areas that seem to be darker, consider hanging mirrors to help reflect the light back into the room. Proper hanging of a mirror can actually direct natural light to the home where you feel it is needed the most, as well as make a room appear larger. You can also be creative with mirrors in your décor, as well. Brightly colored frames are a perfect way to add life to a room.

4- Get doors with windows

Replacing a solid door with one that has windows is an option that will help bring natural light in the home. Along with being very affordable, they are also relatively simple to install, and can do wonders to bring new life to a room.

If you decide that replacing doors in your home is the way to go, you may discover that sliding glass doors are the perfect addition for your living space. Not only will sliding glass doors allow the natural light into your home, but they will be extremely useful your family. Adding an attractive window treatment can be an easy way to tie your new doors into the rest of your décor.

A home with very little natural light is going to seem dark and cold. With the above tips, you can let the light in and make your home a more enjoyable place to relax.

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