5 Cheap Ways to Increase Your Home Value

Cheap ways to increase your home valueSelling a home is something we will all do at least once in our lifetime, so when it comes time to do so, we all want to get the most money possible. Using the following cheap ways to increase your home value and ensure that you achieve a quick sale and get the most money out of it.

Cheap ways to increase your home value #1

Invent a room

Rather than sulk about the fact that you don’t have a craft room or a fourth bedroom, you can take the time to create one before you list your home for sale.

If you have a room that is currently acting as a den, or you have an extra room in the attic or even just a bonus room you are doing nothing with, turn it into something homebuyers want.

Do your homework about who the homebuyers are and turn the room into something they find desirable. If new families are looking for homes in your area, make the room look like a nursery. If older couples are seeking a new retreat, turn the room into a hobby room.

Cheap ways to increase your home value #2

Improve the backyard

You might think that leaving the backyard patio unfurnished allows homebuyers to see the vastness of the property, but you would be mistaken.

Homebuyers are big fans of furnished outdoors, so it would serve you best to create an outdoor living area that boasts plenty of seating for those who enjoy entertaining or just chilling in the backyard with a bottle of wine in the evening. And no, I am not projecting.

Cheap ways to increase your home value #3

Do the right renovations

Sure, granite counters and master suites are lovely, but you need to renovate and capitalize on what your home offers homebuyers. If your home is ideal for a family, then maybe focusing on the backyard is a better plan.

As well, spending thousands upon thousands of dollars renovating your home will not result in your being able to increase the asking price by that amount. Do small renovations that will pay off rather than large ones that will ultimately result in a loss.

Cheap ways to increase your home value #4

Rework your kitchen

It’s no secret that the kitchen is the top room in the home, but you must also keep in mind that breaking the bank is not ideal, either. Painting and replacing the hardware on your cabinets, cleaning out the appliances and keeping your kitchen counters clear will easily make your kitchen shine.

Cheap ways to increase your home value before selling

Cheap ways to increase your home value #5

Clean the front

Reinventing the wheel is not your objective here, so instead of gutting the front yard and investing in tons of plants, just get your hands dirty and clean up the area. Curb appeal is a very important part of a home sale, as homebuyers who see an unattractive front tend to keep driving.

Clean the front of the home and scrub down the doors and windows so that your home looks clean and new.

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  1. Bev Kelly says:

    Rosy, the advice you give is just as valid here in Australia as it is in Canada. I hope you won’t mind if I tweet and like and share to all my clients!

  2. 5 points – 5 very well thought-out, very valid points to consider. I doubt anyone out there would even argue with these. If anyone out there are seriously considering on buying/selling home, she/she should take notice of this ASAP. Thanks for sharing this valuable post with us!

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