5 Effective Roof Protection Tips

Roof protection tips

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A home is the largest, most expensive and precious possession of any individual. The roof plays a key role in protecting it. Roof leaks can lead to ugly spots on the ceiling, extensive damage to floors and walls, create a health hazard by encouraging mold growth, and contribute to electrical fires. Here are some useful tips to keep your roof in good shape and protect your home.

Effective roof protection tips #1

Moss removal

Keeping the nearby trees trimmed away from the roof will keep moss at bay by preventing water from falling to the roof from the wet leaves of the trees.

Effective roof protection tips #2

Proper insulation

The attic of the roof should be properly insulated using cellulose, glass wool, rock wool, polystyrene, urethane foam, etc. No gaps should be left between the attic and the material used for insulation. This will ensure protection of the roof and aid in protecting the home from extreme weather conditions during winter, as well as summer.

Effective roof protection tips #3

Regular inspection

Everything, whether living or nonliving, experiences normal wear and tear with the passage of time. Your roof is no exception. A regular inspection of the roof would ensure proper and timely rectification of any problem concerned with it.

Effective roof protection tips #4

Adequate ventilation

Adequate attic ventilation will also protect your roof from damage caused by water condensation. Make sure your attic has efficient and unobstructed vents with screens to keep the birds at bay. Ventilation fans can also be used to ventilate larger attics.

Effective roof protection tips #5

Use gutter guards

The roof’s primary objective is to keep water out of your house. Use of rain gutter guards will ensure effective drainage of water from your roofs. Adequate steps should be taken to ensure that the gutter guards are in proper condition.


Protect your roof

Roofs play a key role in protecting a house. Use of gutter guards, moss removal, proper insulation, regular inspection, adequate ventilation, and hiring skilled services are some of the key steps which can ensure protection of roof from various kinds of damage.

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