How to Decorate Before You Sell Your Home

How to decorate before selling your home

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The housing market may not be as vibrant as it was five years ago, but that doesn’t mean you can´t sell your house if you give it the right attention.

Senior economists are even going so far as to suggest that sellers should lower the price of their homes in order to get the market going, but rather than lose the profits you deserve for your property, why not decorate the most important rooms to help you sell your home for the best price?

The rooms that buyers focus on most are the kitchen and bathroom, as these are the two rooms that are most expensive to renovate. If you are selling your home but don’t want to fork over money to have a new kitchen or bathroom fitted, it’s time to get creative.

How to decorate before you sell your home #1

Prepare the kitchen

The kitchen is a key focal point to any home. Because it is downstairs and often the vestibule of the entrance, anybody that comes to your door can see it even if they are not invited in.

Ideally you already have smart units and clean, sturdy countertops and all the room really needs is a lick of paint to brighten the faded walls. It doesn’t matter what house you live in, if the cupboards are looking weathered however, give them a new and innovative design.

If it is not possible to give your kitchen a stylish look, at least give it a unique and interesting frontage. Tile paints are widely available in DIY stores and will hide stains under a bright shiny gloss that is pleasing to the eye.

Likewise, a thin coat of paint on faded cupboards gives them an artistic finish that will appeal to buyers that appreciate something different.

How to decorate before you sell your home #2

Prepare the bathroom(s)

A bathroom presents a more difficult challenge than a kitchen, as there is less you can do with it. Most people look for cleanliness and hygiene so the many factors to selling a bathroom are that it is clean and fresh smelling. Therefore make sure you have given the bath a shiny finish and that it smells great.

Painting will again come in useful, but other than that, a minor makeover of the bathroom limits you if you want to put your home up for sale quickly. Therefore, give your bathroom an eye-catching appeal with fixtures and fittings that are stylish and tidy.

A new shower curtain, lighted mirror and corner toiletry holder are all distractions that give a bathroom pizzazz. If you have a small bathroom, you might even want to consider fitting a fluffy new carpet or laminate flooring that says, “No work needed!”

First impressions last so if you have a hallway, conservatory or washroom which is used for the main entrance of your house give these rooms some attention, too. Rooms that don´t need major decorating to sell are the living room and bedrooms as these are the rooms new home owners like to make their own.

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