How to Sell Your Home on a Budget

How to sell your home on a budget

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Selling a home can be difficult in the current market, and especially if you have to do so on a budget. Commission fees, renovations and professional home cleaning aren’t always viable options for home sellers. In this context, it’s important to look at some of the ways in which you can sell your home on a budget, without breaking the bank.

From making some cheap fixes around the house to decluttering, it is possible to make a difference without breaking the bank when it comes to selling your home:

How to sell your home on a budget #1

Cheap fixes

Making changes around the house to improve its sale potential needn’t be expensive. Some of the ways in which you can make your home more attractive include ensuring that the front of the house is properly maintained for passersby.

This involves making sure that windows are cleaned, and that any weeds and clutter at the front of a property are removed. It’s also worth investing in a cheap repainting of areas of the house that are looking particularly worn down.

How to sell your home on a budget #2

Online marketing

You can save some money by choosing to market your property online. When marketing your home online, you can reach a much larger audience for your property.

How to sell your home on a budget #3

Small kitchen and bathroom renovations

The kitchen and bathroom tend to be rooms that buyers pay the most attention to. While you don’t have to fully renovate these rooms, making some small changes can make a big difference.

These changes might range from adding some new appliances and throwing out anything that looks too worn, to removing any obvious grout and grime from showers and baths.

How to sell your home on a budget #4

Maximize the space

You can easily make the most of the space in your home by ensuring that you have higher wattage bulbs fitted in larger rooms to remove any shadows, while taking out any darker curtains and heavy blinds.

Smaller rooms can also be made to look larger through the use of tall mirrors, while removing clutter around the home can help to free up space and make a house look more attractive.

How to sell your home on a budget #5

Decluttering and storage

Clutter can be a real problem when you’re trying to sell your house. A lot of items can make a home look messy, especially if they are personal items that might make a buyer unsure about whether a property is for them.

You don’t necessarily have to throw all your possessions away; put items into storage while your home is listed for sale to make sure that you make the best first impression with potential buyers.

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Working in conjunction with FJ Lord Estate agents London, property enthusiast Christina Appleworth reviews the growing benefits on selling property online.


  1. Melanie says:

    Pat, if you’re lazy, well then go ahead and call me lazy too cuz I dig what you’re doin’. I’d be ecstatic if I had your lifestyle. I continue to talk about putting in the effort but get so hung up on a quick way to make money quickly that I continually second guess myself and then I get nothing done. If I would have just stuck to following your advice, I’d be making money by now. Call me an idiot rather than lazy.

  2. Craig Adams says:

    Great tips Christina! As a St. Catharines home inspector for Maple Trust Inspections,I see a huge difference in the homes that receive some pre-sale care and the ones that don’t. Many times a home inspection, even a Seller’s home inspection, far outweighs the cost of not getting one. You can’t afford not to put your homes best foot forward. Everyone seller should read your blog.

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