Moving Supplies for an Easy Move

Moving supplies for an easy moveMoving is a big job. Making sure you have the right tools for the job will make the experience so much easier.

Moving supplies for an easy move #1

Get sturdy boxes

The first item to consider for your move is moving boxes. It is best to have moving boxes of all shapes and sizes to accommodate all the items you’ll need to pack. Also consider a wardrobe box for your clothing you want to keep on hangers.

You can use traditional cardboard boxes, but if you want the ultimate sturdy and eco-friendly box, then you’ll want FrogBox. These boxes reduce cardboard box waste, they are a very sturdy and they drop them off right at your old house and pick them up at the new house.

Moving supplies for an easy move #2

Prepare your packing supplies

• Tape + Tape Dispenser – for cardboard boxes.
• Zip Ties – for securing the lids of FrogBox reusable boxes.
• Rubber bands – for keeping loose items together inside a box.
• Packing Paper – for filling empty spaces in boxes.
• Bubble Wrap – for breakables and electronics.
• Packing foam + non-abrasive blankets – for TVs and electronics.
• Labels & felt marker – to label your boxes by room and content.

Moving supplies for an easy move #3

Invest in packing paper

Should you use free newspaper or unprinted packing paper? The choice is yours, but here are some things to consider. Newspaper is free, but it also is messy. After a short time, your hands will be full of ink, and you will transfer ink fingerprints to everything you touch as you pack – your plates and cups, your furniture, your face and clothing, and more. If you don’t mind the mess, then great! If not… you should get some unprinted packing paper.

Moving supplies for an easy move #4

Keep some useful tools handy

• Utility knife – for cutting tape of boxes. – but be sure not to cut too deep, you don’t want to damage the contents.
• Scissors – for cutting zip ties.
• Screw drivers for taking down pictures, clocks and other wall decorations you are taking with you. Also for disassembling and reassembling furniture that is too large to fit through doors.

Moving supplies for an easy move #5

Protect your fabric

Protect your fabric items from dust and dirt to minimize cleaning upon arrival at your new home.
• Mattress bag
• Plastic garbage bags – for comforters and pillows.
• Shrinkwrap and/or bubblewrap to wrap – for furniture, bedding, sofas, etc.

Moving supplies for an easy move #6

Consider other useful items

• Cooler for fridge and freezer items.
• Overnight bag – to store quick items you may need during the move.
• Donation bag or box to get rid of unneeded items.
• Garbage bag to throw away items that can’t be donated.
• Cleaning supplies, paper towels, broom/vacuum for last minute cleanup after the move.
• First aid kit for minor injuries from packing or disassembling furniture.

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  1. Yeah, bubble wraps can help you a lot with dealing with furniture! However, moving blankets or pads aren’t just for electronics; they’re also perfect for furniture. And, aside from using one or two during the move, you can also use them in so many other cases like as a beach pad or a simple exercise pad.

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