9 Easy Steps to Sell Your Home

Make the commitment to sell without commission

Easy steps to sell your home

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When it comes to selling your home without commission, it’s more than about preparing your home for sale – you need to prepare yourself. Selling your home is not a complicated process, given that you surround yourself with the right support system (*cough* ComFree network *cough*).

Here, now, are nine easy steps to sell your home.

Easy steps to sell your home #1

Mind your price

Pricing your home correctly is one of the major components of selling your home in a reasonable amount of time. But the number won’t just fall from the sky. You need to do some homework to get the magic number.
• Educate yourself about the homes in your area:
• How long are they usually on market before they sell?
• How much are homes being sold for in the last six months?
• Are there any homes for sale that closely resemble yours (square footage, bedrooms, baths, style)?

The fact that you are not using a traditional real estate agent does not mean that you should raise your asking price; in fact, it will help you price your home at a price that sells more quickly. As well, when pricing your home, stick to the 9s; that is, $399,000 rather than $400,000, as there is a psychological effect it has on people.

If you need help deciding on a price, get a Comparative Market Analysis or hire a home appraiser.

Easy steps to sell your home #2

Have the right forms on hand

Although legal forms might sound scary, they are just normal forms that you fill out you’re your information and the buyer’s information to make the transaction a legal one. At the end of the day, you need to have a lawyer on hand to finalize everything, so someone will be there to confirm that everything was done right.

Either way, it’s a smart idea to familiarize yourself with the forms, jot down and questions you may have and create a smoother process for finalizing your sale.

Easy steps to sell your home #3

Hire a lawyer

A real estate lawyer is an important part of the real estate process. You can either hire a lawyer to help you throughout the sale or have them represent you for the closing of your property. This will definitely give you peace of mind when it comes time to seal the deal.

Easy steps to sell your home #4

Clean your home

You would be surprised at how easily a clean home increases in value. When a homebuyer sees a home that is sparkling clean, they automatically gravitate towards it because it is one less thing they have to think about if they buy it.

Remember that buyers are coming into your home looking for a reason to drop the price, so make sure your home is squeaky clean and in tip top shape. And yes, this goes for the landscape and front door as well.

Easy steps to sell your home #5

Market your home

Exposure is your greatest ally, so you need to ensure that you have the best exposure you can get.
Make sure you have the best pictures of your home. The more pictures you have, the better. Get a great sign that stands out. Hold open houses to ensure the most traffic and advertise your open house online.

Professional brochures always leave a lasting impression and gives buyers something to hold onto once they leave. Make sure you show your home at its best and come off as a well-versed home seller.

Easy steps to sell your home #6

Show your stuff

Who could possible know your home better than you do? No one, so make sure you represent yourself in the best way possible. Make sure you change your voice mail to reflect your home for sale, return calls in a timely manner, and keep a contact list of buyers.

When homebuyers come by make sure your lights are on, your home smells great (bake cinnamon in water, and keep all pets out of the home. Avoid following the homebuyers around and be available to answer their questions.

Easy steps to sell your home #7

Think about what’s negotiable

Remember that homebuyers are looking for a bargain, so you will need to consider what you will be willing to negotiate, such as:

• Price
• Closing date / place
• Appliances that are included
• Window coverings, etc., that stay with the home

As well, some buyers comes with buyer’s agents so you will need to consider how much commission you would be willing to pay them.

Easy steps to sell your home #8

Work with your buyer

Once your buyer shows that they have the funds to cover the purchase of your home, the two of you must agree on the price of the home, what is included with the home, the move out/move in date, home inspection, title policy, and whatever else you had discussed upon agreement.

At this point, you should continue to market your property until all the criteria of the purchase agreement have been met.

Easy steps to sell your home #9

Close the sale

The buyer’s mortgage lender will coordinate the appraisal in order to confirm the value of the home and address any outstanding issues.

Upon closing, the money will be transferred, the deed will be transferred, and you will have the pleasure of knowing that selling your home was an accomplishment that you handled swimmingly and you pocketed a few extra thousand in the process. Nice work.

If you plan on buying or selling a home, visit ComFree.com today.

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