7 Fastest Ways to Increase Home Value before Selling

Fastest ways to increase home value

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If you plan to sell your home soon, you will want to sell it fast. Today’s market is tight and if you want to sell quickly, there are a few things you can do that will actually increase your home value before selling and ensure it does not sit on the market for months waiting on the right buyer.

Fastest ways to increase home value before selling #1

Exterior of the home

Go down the street and walk up to your home. What do you see? Withered paint or worn siding? The first impression of your home will be exactly what homebuyers remember while they are looking at other homes that meet their requirements.

The exterior of the home should be inviting and free of any mars, missing bricks, missing siding or other cosmetic issues. Also, do not use bright colors to paint your home, neutral colors will sell the home faster. Gutters should also be free of debris and painted to make your home appear more inviting.

Fastest ways to increase home value before selling #2

Windows and doors

What about your windows and doors? Are they energy efficient? Do they look out of date? Windows are the soul of a house and should reflect the beauty of the home.

You should also have your windows cleaned professionally to ensure that when buyers come into your home they can see through the windows and view your yard without seeing years of dirt that have accumulated on the glass and cobwebs on the screens are certainly not very attractive.

Fastest ways to increase home value before selling #3


Do you have trees or shrubs that are dying or need pruning? It is best to completely clean out all flowerbeds and other areas around the home. Removing all the debris from your yard, paths and porches will certainly be more inviting. The objective is to allow homebuyers to be able to see your home without an overabundance of trees, flowers, and shrubs against the home. Greenery against the home is also not a good idea since it can also be home to insects that can get into your living space.

Fastest ways to increase home value before selling #4


Once you have done all the exterior work, it is time to move inside. Can a potential homebuyer see the rooms entirely or do you have too much furniture or other things in the way?

You should remove all furniture that you do not need and place it in storage. The same goes for all your precious collections sitting on tables, shelves, and countertops throughout your home. It is fine to have a few items sitting out to give it a homey feel but if it is overdone, the room will feel crowded. Buyers want to envision their belongings in the home and once you de-clutter, they will be able to do this with no problem.

Fastest ways to increase home value before selling #5


Your home may be clean, but how long has it been since you moved the couch or bed and cleaned underneath? You should deep clean your home and ensure that the walls, doors, and even doorknobs do not have fingerprints or dirty marks.

Light switches are often forgotten; however, a person looking to buy a home will notice these things. If you smoke in the house, be sure to clean the walls and air out the home. It is also a great idea to shampoo your carpet and ensure that any stains are removed.

Fastest ways to increase home value before selling #6

Repairing and painting

While you are cleaning your home, you may notice a drawer that is not opening properly, a wall that has faded in color, carpet that has come lose, or even a broken piece of tile. Even the smallest repairs can and will help sell your home faster.

Be sure that all appliances are in working order including stoves, disposals, furnaces, hot water heaters, and air conditioners. You can always have these checked and then keep the paperwork handy when a potential buyer asks questions.

Fastest ways to increase home value before selling #7


Your home will need an inspection prior to selling; however, it would be in your best interest to have the roof and foundation inspected prior to putting your home on the market. This way you will know if there are problems that will need addressed before selling your home, even if you decide to lower the price so the new homeowner can handle any of the repairs.

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