How To Use Pinterest to Sell Your Home

How to use Pinterest to sell your homeSelling your home is a lot easier than it used to be because we have an amazing tool called the internet. The ability to reach a much wider audience means that the chances of selling a house increases exponentially.

That’s not to say that your home will sell itself, but you can certainly do things to make your home look as appealing as possible to potential buyers online.

One place that specializes in how things look is Pinterest. This is a social sharing site for photographs, designs and myriad images of everything under the sun. It serves as an inspirational and idea-driven platform where homes and home design can really be showcased.
So how can you use Pinterest to sell your home? Here are some simple yet effective ways to get that done.

How to use Pinterest to sell your home #1

Research what Pinners want

A great thing you can do is give visitors a virtual stroll around your home by creating a board that is inspired by home and home design categories. The arrangement of a living room or bedroom might be something you wish to amplify to entice potential homebuyers.

Space, for instance, is high priority for potential homebuyers. By using your photographs to highlight the space in your home, you are creating a mental image in the viewer’s head. They imagine what they can do with that space.

The same can be said for lighting. Done effectively, it can enhance the saleability of your rooms

Of course, the beauty of Pinterest is that an entire board can be dedicated to your home. Every nook and cranny can be shown, giving potential buyers an in-depth look at the complete package. From the front door to the inside of your cupboards, Pinterest allows you to show off your home in an attractive and user-friendly manner in order to offer potential buyers a total image of what you are selling.

How to use Pinterest to sell your home

How to use Pinterest to sell your home #2

Reach the community

One of the most powerful tools at your disposal is the power of people. Pinterest has over 12 million users. It’s ranked third behind Facebook and Twitter in social media platforms. That’s a loud and influential voice to have. It’s also linked to these sites, further enhancing the scope and range you have to reach people who might show an interest in your home.

Creating this sense of community is a vital part of getting your home noticed. Communicating with other Pinners will really make some headway in networking your boards. Following similar boards will encourage those users to follow you. They might know someone in the market for a new home. It could be your home.

All it takes is a message that says something like “Hi, I am selling my home and would appreciate it if you could send this around if you know anyone in (insert city, province) would be interested. Feel free to repin.” Don’t forget to make sure that the images of your home link back to your property listing description.

Repinning, is the act of taking your pins and placing them on their own boards. It’s custom-made advertising for your home if the images are worth taking (the ComFree network offers high-quality HDR photos of your home). By engaging with other boards and users in these ways, you will make your own boards a lot more noticeable.

How to use Pinterest to sell your home #3

Optimize your descriptions

Of course, the whole point of Pinterest is to evoke inspiration and relate that in a visual medium. It’s stimulating and you’ll soon discover that it can prove to be quite addictive. By consistently updating your boards, you’ll be providing this image stimulus on a regular basis, which is exactly what Pinterest wants.

Of course, the written word is still important. Ensuring your boards and pins are labelled with words you want people to search for is highly recommended. Making your profile as complete as possible is a good start. It goes without saying that your name, contact details and location should be present and correct, especially if you want to sell your home.

Boards and pins should also have rich titles that contain keywords that people are likely to search for.
While ”Selling my home” might be relevant, it would be much more beneficial to write something like “Beautiful Townhouse for sale in Grimsby, Ontario.” Remember, your descriptions can be up to 500 characters. Use them.

At the moment, Pinterest also has links to YouTube embedded videos that can be accessed in special sections. A video tour of your home is something that is certainly going to make your board stand out.

If you plan on selling your home, visit and see how we can help.

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