A Canadian’s Moving Survival Guide

A Canadian's Moving Survival Guide

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Many questions revolve around the essentials that the average Canadian would need when undertaking a move to a new home. And considering that 28% of homeowners get the urge to move every 5 years or so, with another 14% who feel the itch at least once a year, according to a survey conducted by ComFree, it’s no wonder that Canadians need a Moving Survival Guide.

Undoubtedly, Canada offers one of the best conditions for living and various working opportunities, so constant relocation within the country, as well as abroad, is happening regularly. Notwithstanding, it is proven that moving can be an extremely stressful event and so we created the Canadian’s Moving Survival Guide to help you out.

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Plan ahead

Start planning the move at least one month in advance. Planning every single detail well ahead of the date is a promising start on the right foot, which will ensure no mishaps on your part. This Moving Checklist will certainly help.

Check the weather

When organizing your move, setting a date according to the weather conditions is crucial. Winters in Canada can be brutal, so you have to plan everything carefully. Bad weather can be a reason for damages to high tech items or precious antiques. Also, transportation time takes longer during the winter.

Get the right storage

If you plan on storing any of your belongings with a storage company, every Canadian’s Moving Survival Guide requires that you make sure the unit you rent is climate-controlled, so the cold or heat does not cause any problems.

Research your moving company

Whether you choose to rely on a trustworthy full-service moving company or just rent a truck make sure that you do your research thoroughly and receive quotes from at least three companies. That way you can ensure that you get the best price with the best service.

Get all your equipment

Find the cheapest option for providing packing materials. It does not matter if you go to the nearest big supermarket or grocery shop, as long as you can get enough boxes, you will save a lot on your expenses. Do not forget to buy bubble wrap, paper, proper tape and markers so that everything can be effectively packed up.

Change your address

Do not forget to change your address at least one month before the move, so that all your personal information will be safe. You can do it online at Canada Post.

Turn off/on the utilities

Notify all the utility companies about your move-out date so that your services can be disconnected on time and you don’t end up paying more than you have to. As well, part of your Canadian Moving Survival Guide requires that you arrange for utilities at the new home and make sure all services are switched on the day before you move in.

Start packing

Never underestimate the importance of packing. The sooner you can start organizing your belongings, the better.

Purge your belongings

Another addition to a Canadian’s Moving Survival Guide is to take your relocation as an opportunity to purge the things you no longer need start fresh. Plus, why pay to transport items you no longer use? You can always give away or donate anything you do not need.

Pack up some must-haves

Do not forget the essential survival bag, which will ensure you stress-free first days in your new home. Set aside clothing that will be enough for the first couple of days at least, as well as toiletries for every member of the family. Cleaning supplies, a set of tools, blankets and sheets are must-haves too.

Keep your valuables close

Always carry with you any valuables like jewelry and important files and papers. Make sure you have enough cash on the day of the move so you can be prepared should any unexpected issues arise.

As you can see, a Canadian’s Moving Survival Guide is pretty simple if you just stay organized and keep your eye on the prize.

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