The Importance of Neighbors When Buying a Home

How important are neighbors when buying a home?

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You can tell a lot about a Canadian neighborhood just by driving through it. Beautiful green lawns, well-maintained homes, and nice greenery in the area easily indicate a pride of ownership.

Of course, the neighborhood you decide to live in is quite important when buying a home, but what about your potential neighbors? What is the importance of neighbors when buying a home?

According to a recent survey by ComFree, Canadian homeowners are in a love triangle. About one-third of Canadian homeowners love their neighbors but wish they could change their home and 35% love their neighborhood but wish they could change their house.

The importance of neighbors when buying a home

“Given the magnitude of the expense and how much time we spend there, it’s only fitting that we get to know the people we will be living around before committing to a home,” said Martin Rygiel, real estate expert and Director at The ComFree Network.

So before you head out to buy a home, make sure you get to know the neighbors, as chances are you will be spending many years near them and building relationships within the community is important.

Here are some useful questions you might want to ask your would-be neighbors after you introduce yourself:

• How long have you lived in the neighborhood?
• What do you like best about living here?
• What do you like least about the neighborhood?
• Do the neighbors get along?
• Have you ever noticed anything odd about this house or yours?
• How quiet is the neighborhood? Are there nuisances?

Do the neighbors have kids?

It’s also a good idea to find out if there are kids in the neighborhood. If you have or plan to have kids, then seeing a neighborhood packed with them would be welcoming. If, on the other hand, you want to settle into a quieter lifestyle then you might want to ensure that your neighbors are like-minded people.

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