5 Home Improvements That Will Save You Money

Home improvements that will save you money

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Whether you live in a cabin in the woods or a mansion, everyone wants to pay a little less on their monthly bills. If heat leaks out of drafty rafters and outdated light bulbs drain the power grid, that isn’t going to make your home any greener. Here are a few (relatively) inexpensive home improvements that will save you money over time.

Home improvements that will save you money #1

Keep your heat indoors

You can save a whole lotta money by keeping heat inside the house when it is cold outside and keeping heat outside when you want it cold inside. Unless you live in a greenhouse, the majority of surface space between you and the elements is either walls or roof, and if those surfaces are not well-insulated, the laws of thermodynamics will rob you blind.

Spray foam or cellulose insulation are effective and green methods of home insulation.

Bonus Tip: Keep those gutters clean so water doesn’t seep into attics and walls.

Home improvements that will save you money #2

Mind your thermal units

Your heating and air conditioning units work day and night to to keep you and yours living in an optimal temperature range. Units older than 20 years are overdue for retirement; those and inefficient units should be replaced with an Energy Star-rated model.

Bonus Tip: Replace filters every six months.

Home improvements that will save you money #3

Change your light bulbs

Adding up the output of all the incandescent light bulbs in your house can cost you big time, and it’s a sure bet that you can save money long-term by spending a little more today on Compact Fluorescent (CFL) or LED bulbs.

Bonus Tip: Cheaper CFL bulbs pose a moderate safety risk; expensive LED bulbs draw the least amount of power and last for years.

Home improvements that will save you money #4

Get a programmable thermostat

Whether it needs to be hotter or colder, you want to feel just right. If your thermostat is not programmable, replace it with one that is so you don’t have to remember to adjust it at night, when you leave for work, and turn it to a bone-chilling 35° when the in-laws drop by.

Bonus Tip: You can save even more with a programmable Internet Thermostat. These newfangled doohickeys let you adjust and program your heat and A/C from a computer or smartphone. If that sounds like geek overkill to you, you’ll appreciate it when a vacation is extended or you’re coming home early on a 95° day.

Home improvements that will save you money #5

Go solar

Almost all of us use electricity that comes from coal, nuclear, or a combination of sources that include at least one that increases our carbon footprint like a new pair of clown shoes. If you can afford the initial cost of going solar, not only can you decrease or eliminate your dependence on non-renewable resources, you can potentially make money by selling excess power to a utility company.

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