What Your Home Decor Says About You

What your home decor says about you

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There is no doubt that our homes are a true reflection of who we are, especially considering that a recent survey by ComFreereveals that 69% of Canadians believe that a home must reflect their personal style. Of course, it’s no surprise that the survey also revealed that 74% of women feel this way, versus 65% of men.

Have you ever wondered, though, how much of your true colors you should put into your home? Or better yet, have you ever wondered what your home décor reveals about you?

Those who have lived in their home for 11 to 15 years are more likely to feel that a home must reflect their personal style compared to those who have lived in their home for more than 15 years (79% vs. 67%).

What your home décor says about you


Those who love a home that is not over cluttered with trinkets and colors are obviously big fans of a quiet and calm environment with small splashes of the original. White walls make for the perfect backdrop to whatever you want to do with a home, even if that means leaving it mostly bare.

What your home décor says about you


You love the finer things in life and use your home to let that shine through. From eclectic pieces throughout the home to modern-looking furniture, the set-up of your home makes you feel comfortable in a way that allows for entertaining or just chilling at home with a great movie and a cozy fireplace.

What your home décor says about you

The craft maker

You are the crafty type who likes to create original pieces to add to your warm and colorful home. From a simple paint job on an old item to changing the handles on the kitchen cupboards, you enjoy adding your personal style to every little thing in your home. As well, quirky items that have that one-of-a-kind appeal can be found sprinkled throughout your place.

What your home décor says about you

The family picture person

The minute anyone walks into your home, it becomes quite clear that you are big on family and capturing those moments in photos, as there are myriad frames all over the walls. Picture walls look great, especially if the frames all have a similar appeal and the pictures do as well (black and white, sepia, etc.).

What your home décor says about you

The traditionalist

You are not a big fan of stainless steel appliances, nor do you have any plans to modernize your kitchen with the latest colors in lacquer. Instead, you prefer a more traditional look that includes understated elegance and speaks to classic, colonial, Tuscan and country styles.

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