How to Transform Your Storage Space When Selling Your Home

How to transform your storage space when selling your homeIf you are hoping to sell your home, it’s a good idea to take some time to make it more appealing to potential investors. While many homeowners start with remodeling the main areas of the home, such as family rooms, kitchens, baths, and bedrooms; let’s not forget about those underutilized storage spaces.

From extra bedrooms, attics or cellar areas, to a garage or attached storage building, this space can be a diamond in the rough for the home seller.

Prepare your home for sale

Every home has at least one storage area where unused items and clutter begin to gather over time. It’s part of the human existence to collect stuff and then have no place to put it all. That’s when most homeowners designate a storage space or add one to the home to extend the storage capacity. For the most part, this room gets no other use outside of storage.

Transform the storage space

The good news is that a storage space can be easily cleaned up and converted to a valuable room in the home to be used for a variety of functions. For example, with more people trying to live healthier lifestyles, home gyms can be a nice perk.

Or, you homebuyers envision a new home office, for the increasing number of people working from home nowadays. Additionally, some homebuyers may be looking for ways to create a family recreation area or “man cave” to watch the games and have friends over on the weekends.

Transforming your old storage space

To get started cleaning up an old storage space to turn it into a homebuyer-magnet, first remove all clutter and debris from the room. Deodorize and check for pests, which may have moved in while you weren’t paying attention. Then evaluate the flooring, as you will likely need to tear up old carpet to replace it with fresh carpeting or hardwood flooring; this is dependent upon the intended use of the room.

Take care of any cracks in ceilings or walls with a simple patch job. Add a fresh coat of paint to walls and trim in neutral colors. Then upgrade the lighting to make this a comfortable space. Add some simple window treatments and a matching rug. Then add your new room elements, such as exercise equipment or a few pieces of furniture, which you can pick up for cheap from a local thrift store.

Once you have transformed your old storage space into a new room, be sure to take potential homebuyers into this area. Let them know the possible uses of the room so they can start dreaming about buying your home, to make it their own.

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