A 6-Step Guide To Selling Your Home

Guide to selling your home

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Once the decision is made to sell your home, the process of finding a buyer and making the sale can be a bit intimidating. But if you are prepared and armed with knowledge, then it can all be somewhat easier. Read the following tips for your 6-step guide to selling your home.

Guide to selling your home – Step 1

Gather all the paperwork

A very important thing to do is to bring together each and every document pertaining to your home. This list includes warranties of appliances, guarantee cards for all installations in the house, repair receipts, as well as the mortgage papers of the home, and the deed to the place. Put all the papers in a safe place in a file where they can be accessed quickly when needed.

Guide to selling your home – Step 2

Give us a call

We do more than just install your customized lawn sign and place your listing on ComFree.com, we are also here to provide support seven days a week to ensure that you sell your home at the best possible price and the least amount of time. Remember that you will need a lawyer to finalize the sale of your home no matter the route you choose.

Guide to selling your home – Step 3

Repair the home

Before putting the house up on the market, thoroughly clean up your home, getting rid of dirt and debris. Put the house in order, put books away, straighten out the paintings and rearrange furniture, if needed. The house must look presentable but at the same time give prospective buyers a good idea of what their belongings could look like in that space. Make sure you give prospects a clear picture of what they are going to get – be it that the den needs repainting or that there is water damage in the basement. These are not things worth hiding.

Guide to selling your home – Step 4

Choose the price

It’s tempting to start freaking out if your home hasn’t sold in the first week, but you need to patient and realize that the person who wants your home simply may not have spotted it yet. If 30 days go by and you have nary an offer, then it might be time to consider revisiting your price. A Comparative Market Analysis or appraisal report may facilitate settling on the right price the first time around.

Guide to selling your home – Step 5

Show the home

Advertise and arrange for appointments, or plan your open houses so that you have a degree of control over your time. That way, you can also prepare your home for the showings rather than feel like you’re living in a museum all the time.

Guide to selling your home – Step 6

Get the offer in writing and close the process

Once a buyer has been found and a price fixed, sign the contracts. This is where it is imperative that you hire a real estate lawyer to help smooth through the legalities. Complete all the repairs that you have agreed to in the contract without any delays. Once the money has reached your account, pack all your belongings and have them moved.

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