5 Things To Avoid When Selling Your Home

Things to avoid when selling your home

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A lot of people get so excited at the thought of selling their home that they end up committing certain blunders in the process. It’s important to not get carried away with all the excitement because this often leads to a lot of mistakes when selling a home. Here are a few things for you to avoid when selling your home.

Things to avoid when selling a home #1

Waiting to sell

The inventory increases whenever the real estate market goes down and, of course, that’s when the buyers start hoarding in. Though it may be a little more difficult to sell a home during a slow market, houses will still continue to sell.

Things to avoid when selling a home #2

Bad photographs

The most common and easiest mistake that people commit is uploading bad photographs of their home online. If you’re trying to sell it, you might as well put something online that will catch everyone’s attention, right?

We take high-definition, high dynamic range (HDR) photos of your home; these types of pictures capture the true colors of your home and make it shine. Make sure the rooms are neat and bright, and ensure that your pets and their belongings are kept at bay. With good pictures online, it will surely get some buyers’ attention, which is actually a good start. Take note that this isn’t an assurance that your house will be sold immediately, rather, it will keep people from cutting you off their to-see list.

Things to avoid when selling a home #3

Not providing enough information

Make sure you also put a sufficient amount of information on your listing about your home so that interested buyers can confirm whether or not they are really interested. Simply indicating how many rooms or bathrooms there are is not enough. You have to make your house stand out from the other thousands online. Use descriptive words and point out what makes your home different from the others.

Things to avoid when selling a home #4

Having no marketing strategy

If you are trying to sell your house, you need to make sure that you have a bit of marketing strategies to go with it. This is where we come in; from helping you with custom signage to customized brochures of your home, not to mention customer support seven days a week, we will help you get the information about your home for sale out there to the masses.

Things to avoid when selling a home #5

Restricting your showings

It is important not to restrict your house for showings. Too often, home sellers don’t entertain people who are inquiring about the house. This will not help you in your efforts to sell your home, so make yourself available.

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  1. You know I cannot tell you how many times I have to be patient and retell a high-end client “Not providing enough information” is the death of a listing.

    Totally agree.

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