Top 3 Home Improvement Projects for Resale Value

Home improvement projects for resale valueWhen you are in the process of selling your home, there may be different parts of it that you wish you could change to increase its appeal. It is usually hard for buyers to find a home that fits their style exactly.

Then there are those who already own a home, but would like to have it undergo some cosmetic changes.

The different types of home improvement measures that some people take can have a great impact over the appearance of the home. Some home improvements may require the hiring of a professional, while others are easy do-it-yourself projects. Regardless of which methods are used, all home improvement tactics turn into positive ones if done properly. These are some of the most popular home improvements that people choose to do.

Home improvement projects for resale value #1

Kitchen remodeling

Though it may not seem like it, a great amount of one’s time is spent in the kitchen. Whether it’s to cook, do dishes, eat meals or socialize, the kitchen is a common ground within the home. Many older homes have outdated kitchens.

These kitchens can include old wallpaper and even older appliances. Remodeling the kitchen is a great idea that can take years off the age of the home. One way to immediately improve the kitchen’s appearance is to paint walls and cabinets. A fun, lively color is great for kitchen walls. The cabinets should be painted or stained, as well. Once these steps are completed, then one can look into purchasing new appliances and even flooring, if needed.

Home improvement projects for resale value #2

Outdoor landscaping

When someone has guests coming over, the first thing they see, even before entering the home, is the outdoor portion of the property. Having a well-maintained lawn and landscape can make the home look newer and more valuable.

Planting trees, bushes and flowers in strategic locations can impact the appearance of the home in a positive way. Besides just adding shrubbery, many people now choose to accent the home with stones and ceramic figurines. Not only will the guests of the home be impressed, but so will anyone who drives by the home. This is great to do, especially if you plan on putting the home up for sale in the near future.

Home improvement projects for resale value #3

New windows

An item that one forgets about in the home is the windows. The windows of a home are the only thing that can be viewed from both the outside and inside. So regardless of where one is, they will be able to view the windows. Not only are old windows unsightly, but they also are designed in a way that does not promote efficiency.

Older windows do not have as tight a seal as newer ones. Changing the windows of a home will appear newer. Inside the home, one will notice a difference in the amount of air coming in from the outside, resulting in lower energy bills.

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