5 Ways to Make Your Property More Attractive to Buyers

How to make your property more attractive to buyers

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Homeowners who plan to sell their home can make it more attractive to buyers. Below are five home improvements that are inexpensive to carry out and will make your home more appealing to potential buyers.

Ways to make your property more attractive to buyers #1

Deep Clean

The first thing to do is to deep clean the home, inside and out. A well cared for home looks attractive to buyers and they are more likely to consider purchasing it.

Windows should be washed inside and out so that they sparkle. Ceilings and corners should be dusted to get rid of cobwebs and surface dust. Every surface in the house should be dusted or washed including light fixtures, computers, pictures and picture frames, and other items that collect dust.

Items such as mirrors and faucets should be polished to a shine and maintained so that there are no water spots or fingerprints on them. If the caulk in the bathroom is discolored or cracked, it should be removed and new caulk applied.

Carpets should be cleaned and vacuumed daily so that they always appear clean and neat. Floors without carpet, such as tile, linoleum or hardwood, should be waxed and swept daily and mopped when necessary.

To make the inside of the home even more appealing, homeowners should replace worn bedding and curtains with new colors to match and set off the wall color. Fresh, clean towels that complement the color scheme should be hung in the bathroom and dishtowels should be hung in the kitchen.

Make sure there are no odors in the home, especially pet and smoke odors. Remove odors by cleaning daily and using some type of pet odor eliminator.

Ways to make your property more attractive to buyers #2


Homes that do not have a lot of knick-knacks, pictures and other personal items are more attractive to potential buyers. De-cluttering also makes the home look more spacious. A good rule of thumb is that if an item has not been used for over a year, such as exercise equipment, clothing and other items that take up space, donate it, store it or throw it away.

A good way to de-clutter a home is to rent a storage unit and store personal items that the homeowner does not want to part with. Boxing them up and storing them in a closet, garage or basement is not a good idea. A potential purchaser will still see a lot of boxes taking up space and it will distract them from imagining the home as their own. If they cannot see themselves living there comfortably, they will generally not purchase it.

Furniture should complement each room, not take it over. If there is too much furniture in a room, it should be stored in the storage unit or, if unwanted, donated to charity or sold.

Ways to make your property more attractive to buyers #3


The walls in the home should be painted a neutral shade, such as beige, so that the home looks warm and inviting. White walls look cold and sterile to purchasers and colors, such as blue, red and other dominant colors, may not appeal to them, either. Although they may like the home, if they do not like the colors and do not want to paint before moving in, they may decide they do not want to buy it.

If the outside of the home looks old and faded and has cracked or peeling paint, it should be repainted. A fresh coat of paint in neutral colors will make the home look very attractive.

Ways to make your property more attractive to buyers #4


Repairs should be completed before showing the home. Leaky faucets should be fixed, any holes in the walls should be patched and painted over, any doors or windows that jam or will not close should be repaired.

Other repairs that should be completed include replacing burned-out light bulbs and broken light fixtures and blinds. Anything that squeaks should be oiled, such as door hinges and window fittings.

Ways to make your property more attractive to buyers #5

Curb appeal

Once the outside of the home has been painted, attention should be turned to the yard. The lawn should be mowed regularly and the sidewalks should be edged. A power washer can be used to clean sidewalks, the driveway and other outside areas so that they look neat and clean.

Bushes should be trimmed and flowers planted or, as an alternative, potted plants set in strategic locations. If there are fences, they should be repainted if needed and repairs made.

Completing the above tasks does require some work, but they are inexpensive ways to make the home more appealing to potential buyers. An appealing home will generally sell much faster than a home that looks run down, uncared for and cluttered.

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