How to Sell an Empty House

How to sell an empty house

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Homeowners are often told that “staging” is a great way to boost the value of a house for potential buyers; however, to truly understand why that may not always be the case, we must understand a bit about the way most people perceive a home they are considering.

Although having furniture inside could show how the rooms would look while inhabited, we must not forget that most buyers have their own plans and having empty rooms would leave them room to better visualize their ideas.

Another psychological aspect of how this makes a house more marketable is the fact that bare walls and empty rooms make the place look bigger. There are, however, a few things you can do to make the home you are trying to sell even more desirable. Here are some ideas on how to sell an empty house:

1. Paint the walls and surfaces

A new coat of paint and the fresh smell is usually associated with something new and pleasant like the smell of the pages of a new book or fresh wood. Doing so will not only fix up cosmetic imperfections around the house but will also give it that “remodeled” look, which shows that effort was put into keeping the place maintained.

Considering this, keep in mind that bright, bold colors may catch the attention, but they are usually a bad idea unless combined with something else, like the right furniture. Let the potential buyer see the rooms in neutral colors that are easy on the eyes.

2. Improve the curb appeal

It’s extremely important to make the place as presentable and fresh as possible. If the property has a lawn, make sure it’s mowed and clear. If there is any damage to the outside surfaces, make sure it’s fixed.

Keeping a small flower garden or patches in front lends it an even more desirable air since it shows the place is well-looked after. Having a well-kept yard is a very important selling point, as most people believe that it represents what is going on inside the home.

Always make sure you keep the rooms cleaned since empty houses have an easier time collecting dust since there is very little movement in them while they await buyers. Replace light bulbs, check on plumbing and structural weaknesses, and address those problems and have them fixed. It may take some investment, but in the end there will be nothing a potential buyer would be able to criticize, which will be a wonderful selling point.

3. Don’t forget the doors

Doorknobs are an important part of the house’s image, and if they are shabby or mechanically worn out, this will leave a bad impression. It’s much better to have them replaced with something manageable and affordable that looks good rather than leave them as is; plus, this will once again show the place had work done.

4. Price it reasonably

The key point here is to have a good sense of where your home ranges and how it relates to the search and demand in the area. If you are ready to sell your home, a Comparative Market Analysis can give you an accurate idea on how high you can go to make it reasonable and, at the same time, profitable.

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