Canada’s Smallest Condos to be Built in Surrey, BC

Canada's smallest condos to be built in Surrey, BCDo you think that you could live in a condo that is 305 square feet large (or not)? Well, development company Tien Sher is banking on it after the Surrey city council approved the construction of Canada’s smallest real estate build.

Tien Sher will construct 56 condos, which range between 290 and 653 square feet, beginning in early 2013, once the final date is determined based upon the building permit process.

Canada’s smallest condos in Surrey

The condos will sit at Whalley Boulevard and Grosvenor Road and the construct will be made up of a four-storey, wood frame building named Balance.

The cost of the condos will start at approximately $109,000 and are designed to fit the budgets of those whose annual salaries range between $22,000 and $55,000. The expected down payment for each condo is expected to be no more than $6,000, and that’s pretty feasible on most budgets.

“We’re really looking for the working class people who are renting and trying to get into their first home,” said the spokesman for the construction company. “This is really going to give them an opportunity to get into the market.”

Canada’s smallest condos stay modern

Each of the 56 condos will contain five stainless steel appliances, beautiful hardwood floors and a balcony. Condo owners can purchase a parking space.

These new-found micro-condos have already found success around the world in popular hubs such as New York, Tokyo and Paris, but this will be the first of its kind in Canada and will be the test for the rest of the provinces.

Depending on the result, we may end up seeing these micro-condos popping up all over Canada in spots like Toronto, Montreal and Calgary.

So, do you think you could live in a 305 square foot condo? Let us know.


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