5 Things Every Green Home Should Have

What should be in a green home?Owning a home or living in one makes you intimately aware of how much utility bills cost and how much of a drain they can be on your finances. We have to pay them at regular intervals and that is a slow and steady process which has us in its clutches our entire lives.

With a few smart ideas and careful planning, however, you can become more and more independent of your local grid. This will not only help you save money, but you will have a home that offers a wonderful, eco-friendly lifestyle. Here, now are some things every green home should have:

Things every green home should have #1


Effectively providing internal light via various cleverly situated windows, skylights, clerestory windows, light reflectors, shelves, tubes and so on has been a practice for centuries where using the natural sunlight during the day is a wonderful way to bring the sun’s cheerful rays inside your home.

Another great way to keep light in or out of your home is smart glass – it alternates between a translucent and opaque state through the application of an electric current.

Things every green home should have #2

Indoor plants

We all know having plants around the house is beneficial to our overall health and the air quality of our home. What you have most likely read or heard is that they absorb carbon dioxide and they expel oxygen during night time.

That, however is only one of their amazing abilities, as they can also help fight colds, remove air contaminants, improve mental health, decrease blood pressure and so on. Their benefits are great and although some people are allergic to some of them, they are a welcome addition to any home.

Things every green home should have #3

Renewable energy

In order to stay completely free from the local power grid, you must find ways of utilizing the natural resources around you independently from the corporations ruling this aspect of our lives.

There are many opportunities to achieve that by working with solar, water, wind or geothermal sources. Solar batteries and wind power generators are a wonderful way to obtain energy through natural means; however, they are largely dependent on meteorological conditions and the location of your home. They also tend to be a bit expensive, but they will soon pay off when the electric bill drops low or disappears completely over time.

Things every green home should have #4

Water conservation

There are plumbing alternatives which offer a reduced usage of water compared to your regular plumbing. They are specially designed low-flow showerheads, toilets and plumbing fixtures and are capable of significantly reducing water usage and thus saving you money, as well as protecting the environment.

Things every green home should have #5

Organic gardens and landscape

Nothing beats having your own garden when it comes to sustainable living. Fresh fruits and vegetables you’ve helped grow with your own two hands, free of most toxins present in factory farming which taste much better than the “cardboard” vegetables sold at stores and a beautiful, relaxing garden are things we all want to enjoy.

This is usually possible, although it’s also possible that local landscaping laws may forbid such a garden. Do some research on the subject before making your own little paradise at home.

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