Top Furniture Trends for 2013

Top furniture trends for 2013With a new year upon us, many homeowners like the idea of reinventing their home, and so the top furniture trends for 2013 are a great fit as the close of 2012 nears.

The top furniture trends for 2013 include items that provide functionality and convenience while looking trendy and chic.

Furniture trends for 2013 #1

Storage beds

Traditionally, storage beds were only seen in cramped quarters such as studio apartments and children’s bedrooms. However, they have been given a sophisticated update and are now making an appearance in bedrooms of all sizes.

As consumers seek to make their master bedrooms a tranquil retreat, they are decluttering and simplifying this area, which includes removing bulky furniture. Beds with built-in storage can eliminate the need for dressers, since clothes, linens, and other items can be conveniently stored under the bed.

Some storage beds are also available with bookcase headboards, which can be used to house books or display pictures and other collections, eliminating the need for night stands.

Top furniture trends for 2013 0 writing desk

Furniture trends for 2013 #2

Writing desks

The number of employees who work from home is growing exponentially. And as people spend more time at home on their computers, they are beginning to realize that holding a laptop on their knees for long periods of time isn’t comfortable.

While many people may not have the space or desire to create a home office, a writing desk is a simple, practical and space-saving option that can complement the existing design décor of the living room, bedroom, or even hallway.

Furniture trends for 2013 #3

Sideboards and servers

Sideboards and servers are definitely the latest furniture trend. These furniture pieces make entertaining a lot easier since they allow guests to serve themselves, and they also cut down on the amount of traffic in the kitchen.

In addition, sideboards and servers can store dishes and glasses, and can be conveniently placed next to power outlets for warming trays. Some of the most recently designed sideboards and servers also have moisture-resistant tops, which further increases their functionality.

Top furniture trends for 2013 - Accent tablesFurniture trends for 2013 #4

Accent tables

Accent tables are an inexpensive way to update any room in the home. The popularity of accent tables is based on the fact that they come in an array of sizes, shapes, and materials, and can be placed almost anywhere.

From small, round tables flanking the sofa to mid-size square tables in the hallway to oblong tables behind the sofa, the versatility of accent tables makes them a must-have furniture trend for the fall/winter season.

Furniture trends for 2013 #5

Sectional sofas

Whether relaxing with family in front of the fireplace or welcoming friends out of the cold weather, sectional sofas are a top furniture trend.

These sofas are versatile because they can be quickly and easily separated and rearranged as needed. In fabrics such as tweed and velvet, in addition to leather and other traditional fabrics, sectional sofas are a popular trend this season for consumers who need multiple seating solutions.

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  1. Linda says:

    Multi-functional furniture is a smart way to go and very popular, especially in the City. This is an important element in staging small spaces so that buyers can see they have storage options. In this economic recession consumers are increasingly looking to get more for less and the new furniture trends support that!

  2. Selena says:

    Apparently, keeping your home decor minimal is also big this year, so over-furnishing is not a good idea.

  3. Sofia says:

    Storage furniture has become quite popular in 2012 and there is a good chance that it will be popular next year. Storage beds and desks are quite useful and are good examples of multipurpose furniture. Sectional sofas have become an old trend and are not nearly the same as they were in the past.

  4. Diamond says:

    Storage beds have been around for keys but they have always been too tall and cumbersome in the past, I really like the picture above though as it seems lower but with wider draws. I also like the writing desk with the sliding top, it’s more compact that a lot of desks out there.

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