5 Tips for Choosing Natural Stone Tile

Using natural stone tile in home decorThe luxury, the grandeur and the sturdiness that natural stone tiles can instantly provide to any room have fast made these tiles one of the most popular options for home decoration in recent years. You can either use natural stone tiles to cover all the walls of your house, or you can use these tiles sparingly to highlight any particular area.

Despite the fact that natural stones are largely carved into rectangular tiles, and there is not much choice on that account, here are some valuable tips can help you choose the perfect stone tiles for your home décor:

Tips for choosing natural stone tiles #1

Size of tiles

The size of the natural stone tiles is apparently the most important to keep in mind while selecting the tiles because smaller tiles can make a room look bigger, and vice versa. Generally speaking, small stone tiles look are ideally suited for the walls of the shower or the kitchen, whereas bigger tiles are perfect for tiling the floors of the house. In addition, a beautifully-tiled décor can be further enhanced with an assortment of small and big stone tiles, in different colors and patterns if you so desire, on the borders of the walls or floors.

Tips for choosing natural stone tiles #2

Material of natural stone

Home decoration essentially requires some forethought into what kind of material of natural stone tiles you intend on using for the ideal look. While natural tile materials like marble, granite and Travertine give an elite and classy edge to your home décor, simple and contemporary tiles can be used to create understated yet stylish lines for showers and kitchens.

Tips for choosing natural stone tiles #3

Texture and surface

While selecting well-suited natural stone tiles for home decoration, it is essential that you give due consideration to the texture of the tiles, as well as their surface finish. The rough textures of natural materials such as stone, marble, slate, and granite can make them unsuitable for use on the walls of the shower, as can tiles which have a too glossy texture for the flooring and can be slippery when wet. Therefore, water-resistance of the tiles is another factor that you should keep in mind when choosing stone tiles.

Tips for choosing natural stone tiles #4


Even though natural stone tiles can be extremely sturdy and tough once they have been properly installed, the durability factor should, nonetheless, have a notable bearing on your decision to go with tiles of particular stone material. Make sure that if you have zeroed in on sparkly stone tiles, they should also be durable and hard wearing enough to look good even as years go by.

Tips for choosing natural stone tiles #5


The last but most significant aspect pertaining to the selection of tiles is the cost factor. While these costs may differ from brand to brand and material to material, the prices generally vary in the range of between $10 and $25 per square foot, for most of the good-quality natural stone tiles. Survey the market, and even the internet, before choosing the natural stone tiles for your home, so that you can ensure that your overall tiling costs remain well within your budget!

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  1. Hi Alex, glad to see you’re finding the ComFree Blog useful. But, please keep in mind that this post was written in 2012 and may not reflect current price ranges.

    Best wishes for your kitchen!

  2. Alex Dean says:

    I have been wanting to remodel my kitchen with more natural stone. I was worried about it being too costly but it is nice to know that it ranges $10 and $25 per square foot. It helps with making sure that I can create my dream kitchen and can stay in budget.

  3. Jeff says:

    Very nice post! Thanks you so much for sharing such useful tips. Natural Stone are the best stones as these stones can transform the complete look of the exterior and interior of your home. I must say you you give very useful tips in your post.

  4. Jen Pack says:

    My husband and I are in the process of remodeling our kitchen, so I appreciate this information for choosing tile. I like the tip you give of paying close attention to the texture and surface. Like you said, if the finish is too rough it will make it unsuitable for certain areas. I imagine that since we want to use it for the flooring in our kitchen, it will be important that we look for those with a more smooth finish. I’m really looking forward to the chic look that this will give the kitchen. I also really like that there are so many different options for color and pattern. We’ll be able to customize it to look just how we want it!

  5. Reece. C says:

    I think the look of natural stone is gorgeous! Great post – thanks for sharing =)

  6. Cate Miller says:

    Thank you for highlighting the benefits of natural stone tiles. I am definitely going to follow up while decorating my home.

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