$10 Million Home Advertised on ComFree.com

$10 million home for sale on the ComFree network

See the rest of this $10 million home at ComFree.com

Popular commission-free real estate website ComFree.com advertises $10 million home for sale.

Peter Boersma decided to sell his $10 million home without the help of a traditional real estate agent, opting instead to use the services of commission-free brokerage Commonsense Network, a proud part of the ComFree network.

Beautiful $10 million home for sale on the ComFree network

See more of this $10 million home at ComFree.com

When asked why he chose to forgo the traditional real estate agent route, Boersma revealed that “I am very confident that I can sell [my home ]without a traditional real estate agent, as I am familiar with real estate and have sold many properties FSBO [for sale by owner]in the past.”

Boersma continued, “Also, I have a family member that was listed on and off with traditional agents for three years and none of them managed to sell his property. Once he listed his home on ComFree.com, his $2.1 million property sold in less than three months.”

$10 million home for sale on ComFree network

See more of this $10 million home at ComFree.com

Easily the most expensive home that has been listed on the ComFree network in its 15-year history, Boersma squashes the popular belief that luxury homeowners would never forgo a commissioned real estate agent.

According to Randall Weese, Broker of Record at Commonsense Network, a proud part of the ComFree network, “I am not surprised that we have more and more luxury homeowners choosing to use our commission free listing service. The potential savings are immense for these sellers. Don’t forget that when selling your principle home any savings are tax free as well.”

Considering that he stands to save well over $250,000 in commission, as Boersma welcomes buyer’s agents, there is no doubt that luxury homebuyers will be eager to get their hands on such an elegant property.

Just to name a few of the many amenities this $10 million home boasts:

Five bedrooms
Seven bathrooms
11 fireplaces
Over 27 acres of land
Two separate servant/in-law quarters complete with full bath and full kitchen
Two master suites
Entrance with 35-foot ceiling
Gourmet kitchen with built in appliances, large island, bar, pewter counter tops and wine cellar
In-floor heating
50′ heated lap pool
Four-floor elevator
Home theater room with 3-D projector
2,000 bottle stone wine cellar
Fully integrated smart-home technology

If you are interested in the property, or just feel like taking a few minutes out of your day to indulge in this $10 million property advertised on ComFree.com, feel free to click on through to the other side.

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