6 Canadian Christmas Decoration Ideas

Canadian Christmas decoration ideasCanadians take pride in the fact that they are from the great white north, so it’s only fitting that they would take to the idea of combining their Canadian-ness with their Christmas decorations.

Here, now, are six Canadian Christmas decoration ideas.

Family focus

A great idea that will make everyone feel special is including personal portraits or photographs of the family in your decorations.

If you are the creative type, you can do a comic sketch of each of your guests. These sketches can be placed on the table as decorations and also indicate who sits where for supper. Very Martha Stewart, eh?

The maple leaf

The maple leaf is probably the most recognized symbol of Canadian culture. Since the color scheme of the Canadian flag is red and white, why not spray paint maple leaves and include them in your decorations?

You can have a combination of green, brown, red and white maple leaves, which will also fit in nicely with the color scheme of Christmas. If you are crafty and creative, you can stitch together maple leaves made of fabric in the form of a place mat.

Merry moose

We all know that reindeers are synonymous with Christmas, but why not be different and include the traditional moose in your Canadian decoration ideas? You can do this in the form of an ornament in the center of your dining table decorations, or give each guest a moose to take home as a memory of the event.

Another great parting gift idea would be to give each guest a small container filled with moose-shaped cookies.

If you see yourself as a cupcake queen why not serve gourmet cupcakes as a desert? These can also be decorated with the moose theme.

Fireplace festivities

If you are one of those lucky families with a fireplace, you have to make optimum use of it. Fireplaces are the perfect platforms for Christmas decorations. From stockings to garlands, decorate the area around your fireplace and give it a truly festive look.

The Bieber-fever

Even if you aren’t a big fan of Justin Bieber, you can’t deny that he is one of the most successful Canadian artists that the world has ever known. Pay tribute to this young singer by playing his Christmas album in your home. This would be especially beneficial if you have fans of his living in your home. If that’s the case, a Justin Bieber cutout with a Santa hat on wouldn’t hurt, either.

Hockey ornaments

Even though the NHL is still at odds in 2012 and the hockey season is likely a big bust, it might be a good idea to pay homage to the sport that has given you such pleasure over the years by hanging ice skates rather than stockings and stuffing them goodies.

These are just a few ideas to get some Canadian Christmas decoration ideas rummaging through your mind. This country has a lot of tradition and love for their neighbors. They also have a strong focus on helping others during the festive season, so if you want the true Canadian experience remember to lend a hand to someone in need, so that we can all be merry during this festive holiday.

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