Top 3 Interior Design Firms in Canada

Top Canadian interior designers - Yabu PushelbergWhen it comes to great homes, more often than not, great interior designers have a hand in the esthetics.

So if you have some extra cash lying around and want a place that wows, these top three interior design firms in Canada will work wonders for your home.

Top 3 Interior Design Firms in Canada

1. Yabu Pushelberg

Founded in the early ’90s, this interior design Canadian firm makes it its goal to improving your home according to your culture and other preferences. “It’s the client that we want to please,” as stated at their press conferences in November 2012.

YabuPushelberg is a global architectural group that emphasizes the importance of “interior designing.” They can make a small area appear as if it was as big as a mansion with the help of their brilliant designers. They focus heavily on their client’s preferences mainly because they want to preserve their cultural beliefs, which are important in maintaining a harmony in the living space.

For example, when the client’s goal is to have a vintage Italian landscape due to their Italian ancestry, the firm mainly focuses on addressing this need of their client by providing a culturally centralized home design.

The firm’s designs are based on the core value of intelligence, transformation, and most of all “expert crafting.”


Best Canadian interior designers - Patricia Gray2. Andres Escobar & Associates

Andres Escobar & Associates is an interior Canadian designer that specializes in modern Spanish and Italian interior design, and is one of the well-acclaimed interior design firms in the country. The founder, Andres Escobar, makes sure to surround himself with talented designers, which in turn has led to his success.

The company’s goal is to define each project by providing quality materials that are needed to provide a memorable experience for them and for their clients. This firm aims to deliver fresh and innovative designs for their clients.


3. Patricia Gray Inc.

An interior firm located in Vancouver, Patricia Gray Inc. is a Canadian interior design firm has a knack for building timeless, beautiful homes. For them, great design is a tireless pursuit, thus their designers are always seeking new and innovative ways to ensure that they remain on the cusp of new ideas.

Renown for their daring interior designs, from the eclectic to extreme colo contrasts for the home, their passion is “to mix and experiment” in order to create housing designs that depict Canadians’ love for home interior designs and infrastructures.

If you plan on buying or selling a home, visit today.

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    Thanks for posting this article. After visiting these sites, I am convinced that white furniture or white-colored decor is really amazing in any house.

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