How to Create a Reading Corner in Your Home

How to create a reading corner in your homeNot many people think of creating a separate reading hub at home mainly because of space constraint. But for those individuals for whom reading is a favorite hobby, they might be interested in setting up a cozy corner in the house where they could cuddle up and flip through their favorite books. Here are few ideas to create a reading corner in your home.

If your living room is spacious enough, then a small portion of the room can be converted into a reading corner. A room divider or a book shelf can be used to separate the reading corner from the rest of the living room. But make sure that the hi-fi system is kept outside the living room as you do not want to be disturbed while reading.

You can complete the look of the reading corner with a lounge chair or a day bed. A focus lamp along with an area rug can provide coziness to the room.

The area below the staircase is an ideal place to create a reading hub. This is especially suited for homes that have small rooms and where it is difficult to create a separate reading corner within a room. A bookshelf with attached desk would be a good option for such a reading corner.

If you are fortunate enough to have a spacious bedroom, then a corner of the room can be converted into a reading nook. But make sure that it does not disturb your spouse who shares the same room with you. A small storage bed placed beside the window with a curtain hanging on one side can create that much-needed privacy.

Apart from selecting the location of the reading hub, there are certain other factors that need to be considered:

1. Seating: A comfortable seat with a proper back rest is a must have for a reading corner. You can select seating that you already have at home or buy a new one from furniture online store or thrift shop. If you are creating the reading hub for your children, then make sure that there are enough seats for everyone.

2. Lighting: A reading hub should have sufficient natural light and air. Hence it is a wise decision to set up the reading hub near a window. But at the same time, a good focused light, either in the form of a table lamp or floor lamp, should be installed to be used after sunset.

3. Other furniture: A bookshelf to hold your books , a table to hold your spectacles (and tea), and other furniture can be great additions to your reading hub. The size and number of pieces depend purely on personal choice.

4. Accessories: Accessories used in your reading hub should not only be utilitarian, but should also make a statement in the area. The most commonly used accessories are rugs, pillows and throws. A book basket is a wonderful accessory to have in a reading room, especially for those who read more than one book at a time or for those having multiple reading nooks in the house.

Arranging a reading corner in your home is not a daunting task. There are so many designs available online from which you can select the one that best suits your requirements. Or you can go in for a simple rearrangement of furniture to create that magic corner in your home.

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  2. Rizz says:

    I have always wanted to do this! I plan on getting started soon. Thanks for the tips.

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