Why Selling Your Home Is Easier Than You Think

Why selling a home is easier than you think

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The thought of selling a home can be terrifying to a lot of people. It just seems like such a major ordeal, doesn’t it? There are contracts to deal with, staging and renovations that need to be done, a range of costs that go with selling a home, and so on.

Then, you add on the fact that Canada’s housing market seems to be cooling off—home sales are down in comparison to last year, dropped 1.7% from October to November, and the national average price for home sales was down 0.8% on a year-over-year basis in November, according to the Canadian Real Estate Association—and it’s only natural for sellers to be a little wary and timid.

But selling your house doesn’t have to be all that difficult. If you follow these tips and keep these things in mind, you could find that selling your home is easier than you think.

Develop a marketing plan

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Stage your house to sell it faster

According to numerous studies, staged homes sell much faster than non-staged homes. Some studies have found that staged homes sell as quickly as five times faster than non-staged homes. For a very small investment, you can stage your home to increase its selling time, increase its selling price, and see a high return on your investment.

Keep décor neutral to help buyers create their own vision

When staging your home, avoid being too extreme in your design. Play it safe. If you get too crazy with the colors or the furnishings, you could alienate potential buyers by making your home seem too customized and too different than their tastes.

You should also depersonalize your home by making sure personal items and photographs aren’t all over the place, as these make buyers feel like they’re intruding on your personal space. Keep your décor neutral to allow potential buyers to create their own vision or to make your home seem more move-in ready.

Use a lawyer to help finalize the deal

A good real estate lawyer can be an invaluable asset when closing the deal on your home. Your lawyer can explain the terms of any contracts and legal documents to you, ensure that the sale of the property is valid, and provide you with legal advice to make sure your rights are protected.

Book showings to attract potential buyers

While online listings serve as a great way to make buyers aware of your home, you still need to book in-person home showings to get people out to your home.

It can take a few showings before you get an offer, but the good news is that every showing is a learning experience. Visitors will often provide you with feedback about your home as they’re looking at it – what they like, what they’re concerned about, etc. You can use this feedback to adjust your staging and future showings so that things are constantly improving, making your home more attractive to buyers.

Selling a home is easier than you think. With these simple tips, you can sell your home even in a tough market.

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