4 Ingenious Ways to Save Money in 2013

4 ways to save money in 2013If you think saving money is simply about cutting back on your necessities or on small luxuries, you’re wrong. Trimming your budget in more than one area of your life is a smart way to save money in 2013.

People are struggling to earn money, but did you ever think of their savings plan? You need to give a little more effort to avoid reckless expenses. In this New Year, if you’re think about buying yourself a diamond necklace or a Breitling watch, you might want to reconsider. Before you jump into any rash decisions about where you should spend your money, first consider how you can save a significant amount.

Here are four ingenious ways to save money in 2013 to avoid financial liabilities (follow DebtCC on Twitter for financial tips and advice):

1- Quit the designer coffee

Do you stop into Starbuck’s or Second Cup on a daily basis for your skim milk mochacino at a whopping $5.75? If you continuously spend on designer coffee each morning, that will cost you $40.25 a week, and over $2000 a year! Your best bet would be to go for a regular coffee at work or at home and save that extra cash for something more worthy.

2- Start carpooling

The cost of gas is compelling people to consider alternatives to drive alone. Carpooling is a great solution to current crisis when the gas price is mounting incessantly. You may not be able to manage the high rates of fuel with limited source of income.

If you go to the same direction for work with your neighbor, share your car or gas expense to save money in this tough economy. Carpooling is an excellent option to save money and reduces the commuting time. Remember, fewer cars on the roads lessen smog, slows global warming and reduces our dependence on foreign oil.

3- Live by the 30-day rule

If you’re planning to save money in 2013, wait for 30 days before you invest in a luxury item. Generally, you may find the urge to buy has disappeared and you have saved your hard-earned money. Consumers usually indulge in retail therapy to get out of the depression mode.

You can avoid spending recklessly if you prepare a list of the things required before you head out shopping. Saving money in 2013 is not about changing your lifestyle, but you need to ensure that you use your money wisely to avoid reckless expenses.

4- Sell your home and pay yourself the commission

When you buy or sell your home, you need to pay a large amount of commission to traditional real estate agents. The commission fee has a great effect on the price of the property. Therefore, the commission fee can cut a huge chunk off your home sale.

If you sell your property and pay yourself the commission, you can pocket thousands of dollars. ComFree.com is a smart place to get started, as we offer all the support and services you need to succeed in your home sale.

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