Curb Appeal Tips to Help Sell Your Home

Curb appeal tips to sell your home

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After spending time and money trying to upgrade the interior of your home so that it will sell, it seems like forever as each day goes by without any offers. Then one day, you decide to take a random walk outside and upon turning around to look at your home, you notice that your yard leaves much to be desired.

In fact, it looks terrible, with shapeless shrubs, grass browning in several spots, and very little shade or color. Your property’s landscaping, or lack thereof, needs some serious curb appeal if you want to attract the serious buyers.

Before you decide to hire someone to fix up your yard, know that you can do this with just a few simple steps. Creating a great looking home landscape takes some planning, based on the location and size of your property. Focus on improving the areas that are immediately viewable by passersby, which is generally located along the front of your home.

Curb appeal tips to help sell your home

You want to give potential buyers a positive first impression when they see the outside of your home. Focus on these landscaping tips to get your home sold, fast.

Give unsightly shrubs and trees a trim

If your yard looks a mess, a good way to give it an instant facelift is to trim all shrubs and trees. This gives the property a neater look and you can avoid spending more time picking up sticks, dead branches, and raking leaves as often. Plus, this helps to eliminate pests around your home.

Destroy weeds with spray

An easy way to give your property a clean-up is to use a weed killer spray around all edges and between cracks in walkways and garden dividers. This will give your home a groomed look that shows you have taken care of it, a factor that appeals to most buyers.

Keep the grass mowed and healthy

A home that includes a lush, green bed of grass can be attractive to buyers who are looking for a good investment. At least a month before you try to sell your home, treat your grass with a combination of weed and pest killer, followed by a good fertilizing treatment. Then keep the grass mowed, with regular watering in the evening to maintain it.

Add garden containers for color and appeal

Instead of worrying about a total overhaul of your property, you can add touches of color and variety to your landscape with container gardening. Choose seasonal plants that offer bold colors, using different heights for impact. You may wish to plant a few flowering trees and add ferns or ivy at the base for a charming look that will last for months.

Freshen mulch in all flower beds

Another easy way to make your home landscaping look its best is to add a fresh layer of mulch to existing flower beds. Remove as much of the old mulch as possible or turn it into the soil, then add at least two inches of new mulch. Plant some new flowering shrubs or add perennials to add appeal to your flowerbeds.

Selling a home today takes a little more work to the landscape to bring out the best in your property, but it’s worth it if you can increase your home’s curb appeal and get a good offer.

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